“U.S. Avengers” Variant Covers Have An Avenger for Each State

Beginning next year, the Avengers are spreading out across all 50 states in the new title U.S. Avengers from Marvel. To celebrate, Marvel will launch the series with over 50 variant covers, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Variant Covers for Each State

Puerto Rico Variant Covers
Image Source: Newsarama

U.S Avengers, releasing January 4th, could not arrive at a more timely point in American history. The presidential election left our non-fictional country deeply divided on a variety of issues. We could all use a hero or two about now. Marvel‘s America isn’t far off, as the article on EW explains.

“Like many Marvel superheroes, the Avengers are mostly based in New York City. This localization has helped keep the Marvel heroes connected over the years, since they can’t help but run into each other, but also does a bit of a disservice to the rest of the country.” The storyline which creates the U.S. Avengers sounds familiar. “In the wake of this year’s Civil War II event, however, the spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D. is distrusted, and America needs a far-reaching organization capable of keeping peace nationwide. Enter the U.S. Avengers, a new team dedicated to protecting the entire country.”

The complete collection of variant covers includes 54 Avengers: one for each state, plus D.C, Puerto Rico, Canada, and a secret cover for stores that order all others. Artist Rod Reis created art for all 54 covers. The state covers connect to create an American flag.

Marvel Does Its Homework

U.S. Avengers Variant Covers
Image credit: Newsarama

Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort provided some insight into how each Avenger was aligned with a state. “Beginning with places of birth, and expanding outward to key stories featuring the character in that particular location, we were able to hone in on a specific and unique Avengers character with a connection to each of the fifty States — and more”. Some connections are easy to spot: Captain America is synonymous with New York, Ms. Marvel with New Jersey. Others take a little Marvel knowledge, like Thor landing in Oklahoma, and Black Widow spinning a web around Connecticut.

U.S. Avengers releases January 4th. The series is written by Al Ewing, with art from Paco Medina. Rod Reis created all 54 variant covers, which are available now at Newsarama.

Who is your new Avenger? Do you like the connection Marvel drew?

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