Valiant Fan-Favorite LIVEWIRE Gets First-Ever Ongoing Series in December

Having been around since 2012, appearing in the pages of Harbinger, Livewire, aka Amanda McKee, is FINALLY getting her own series, which will be ongoing at Valiant Entertainment.

The long-overdue series will tab the creative team of writer Vita Ayala and the artistic duo of Raul Allen and Patricia Martin-Samaniego.

She is an accomplice, mentor and a savior, but now, an enemy of the state! Looking to provide protection to other super-powered psiots, like herself, that may be vulnerable, she sends the U.S. into a nationwide blackout, via her technopathic abilities, causing pure devastation. She decided to choose the few over the many and now must try to outrun the government she has long-served. With her former allies and the world hunting her, what kind of hero will Livewire be … or will she choose to be one at all?


“Amanda (Livewire) has always been such a strong, complex, compelling character and, I personally have been waiting for a long time for her to get her own solo title,” said Ayala. “She deserves to shine, and the folks over at Valiant are determined that her first solo book be impactful! And honestly, we need a hero like her right now.”

Look for Livewire #1 to land on shelves on Dec.19, 2018, but do also keep an eye out for more exciting project announcements from Valiant, which will be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, having launched in 1989.

This series will further build on what has already been set into motion with Valiant’s ‘Beyond’ initiative, which will carry the publisher into 2019, while continuing to expand the Valiant Universe.

Click HERE for an exclusive look, via Valiant, at both Cover A and Cover B for the first issue, including some preview pages as well. The first issue will also have a special ‘Glass’ Variant, which will be done in UV ink and glows in the dark. It’s limited to 500 copies, however, so act fast (more HERE). The Hollywood Reporter broke the news. The official report can be found HERE.

What do you think, is it about time this fan-favorite character got her very-own series? What direction would you like the series take? Let us know in the comments section below.

Michael Stagno
Michael Stagno
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