Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader's Castle #2 combined clever storytelling with classic characters and vibrant artwork.




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The eerie tales surrounding Vader’s Castle continues in STAR WARS ADVENTURES: RETURN TO VADER’S CASTLE #2, out this Wednesday from IDW. No matter how hard fans try, we can’t stop indulging in our fascination with the dark side and everything it includes.

That’s just what you want to see; Tarkin approaching with a huge needle.


Return to Vader’s Castle, unsurprisingly, brings us back to the dark building that has been a source of fascination and mystery. This time, the series has a new focus; the dark being left behind and what he’s been up to in Vader’s absence. And the people who keep getting trapped in the castle, of course.

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You’d think at some point people would learn to stay away from Mustafar, or at least away from Vader’s section of the planet. But of course, all it does is attract the bolder members of the universe. Or those seeking answers (or treasure).

On the bright side, that means there are more stories for fans to read. So we can hardly complain when people keep insisting on showing up, right?

We wonder what Tarkin is up to here…

Cavan Scott is in charge of writing the series, and he’s had a roundabout way of connecting all of the subplots. It would seem that one very talented soul has been collecting stories – and treasure – all over the galaxy. And he’s got a lot to say on the matter.

There seems to be a trend – each issue focuses on a different famous antagonist from the universe. This time around, it is Grand Moff Tarkin and his unique brand of merciless reasoning.

The tale woven within this issue was fascinating and believable. Everything Scott told us fits in well with the Tarkin we all know. It was exciting to see some of the consequences of his actions – it’s not a side typically shown within the movies or comics.

Somebody looks a wee bit upset about the situation they’re in.

The artistic team for Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader’s Castle #2 comprised of Francesco Francavilla and Kelley Jones as the main artists. Francavilla also helped out with the coloring alongside Michelle Madsen, and Andworld Design provided the lettering.

The art style was evocative of the movies, while also being its own entity. The shading and line work were heavier, similar to the styles shown in other Star Wars Adventures series. There was a lot to enjoy about the art in this issue, from the backdrops to the fire effects.

While some of the secondary characters were lacking in detail, the named and familiar characters were distinct – showing a little bit of extra attention to detail. The monstrosity within this tale was an unusual combination. They were designed to look like something far from humans; an intentional juxtaposition to their behavior.

People really need to stop coming by Vader’s Castle…it doesn’t end well for them.

Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader’s Castle #2 continued the trend of one-shot stories within the series. But it went a bit further, by explaining how all of the mini-stories ended up tying together in the end. Having one character as a storyteller is always a smart solution to this sort of dilemma. Though it does leave us curious about what he’ll tell us next – and who it’ll revolve around.

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