Top Shelf Classic Lager, Reviewing the Official Beer of the NHLAA

The Brewery

It’s Valentine’s Day Weekend! What better time to watch a game or two while drinking a beer or three? And, if you’re going to drink beer when watching hockey, why not drink the official beer of the NHL Alumni Association? Brought to you by Lake of Bays Brewing Company in Baysville, Ontario, this Classic Lager has just enough of an edge to keep you wanting more. Lake of Bays Brewing was established in 2010 and has collected several accolades since, including Top Shelf Classic Lager’s winning Silver in the North American Lager category at the 2014 Ontario Craft Brewing Awards.

Top Shelf
Top Shelf Classic Lager is best enjoyed with a few friends and a good starting lineup

First Sip

As soon as I take my first sip, I can tell that this would be a great all-purpose beer. Great for parties because of its smooth quality, its malty flavour is kept in check by its high carbonation level. Its carbonation gives Top Shelf Classic Lager a crisp taste that, when enjoyed ice cold, is a great beer for a game day or a gaming day.

Last Sip

I know I say this about a lot of beers I review, but Top Shelf Classic Lager must be served ice cold and not left to go flat. If it does go warm, its malty flavour becomes overpowering. If it goes flat, it loses its crispness and you may as well be sharing a forty with your college roommate. As I always say, though, it’s a good sign if a beer’s main problem is that it doesn’t taste good when it’s warm.


Other Comments

I’m more of a pale ale or pilsner type, myself but I appreciate a good lager. This is one. I can see why the NHLAA made it their official beer. This is a beer one doesn’t need to sip at. It’s a beer to take big gulps of, so have one and finish another between periods.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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