Ludocrats #4 is an issue full of bold colors, and even bolder characters. It's insane, quirky, and shockingly entertaining.

The War Against Rationality Continues In LUDOCRATS #4

LUDOCRATS #4, available this Wednesday from Image Comics, continues this quirky and obscenely chaotic tale. Providing readers and creatives alike a break from the stability that comes with common sense and rules of nature.

spoilers ahead

Ludocrats #4 is every bit as chaotic as it’s predecessors, if not more so. The series has taken some odd twists and turns along the way, but in a refreshingly honest way, the series has also refused to explain many of those very twists.


Instead, the series simply…exists. It’s a work (and world) of chaos, one that abhors logic and rules, as those sorts of things are simply too dull for the Ludocrats. It’s in their very name.

You’ll note that the cover of this issue promises a free pen. It also points out that said free pen isn’t actually included with the comic. This is a perfect peek into the chaos that lies within these pages. However, it’s far more kid-friendly than many of the images (and implications) within.

A new mystery to tackle in Ludocrats #4.

The Writing

Ludocrats #4 is the comic book equivalent of an insane roller coaster. Don’t skip over the insane part in that description. This is a series that defies description and logic, but it does provide for quite the break from the real world.

Written by Kieron Gillen and Jim Rossignol, this series isn’t afraid to take risks. In fact, risk-taking is kind of the name of the game. It’s quirky and zany, and not afraid to show it’s freak flag. The pandemonium in these pages knows no bounds.

As with the last issue, this one is set to yank a variety of reactions from the readers. Confusion, amusement, curiosity, horror, and alarm all go rather nicely with the Ludocrats. Sometimes all at once. Actually, it’s a bit more often than sometimes. It’s pretty clear that the intent is to leave the readers in a similar state; a jumble of colors and emotions.

There’s a strong running joke throughout this issue in particular, one that seemed to get funnier as time went on. It perfectly encompassed the personality of all the characters, while setting up for the explosive finale.

Now would be a good time to run.

The Art

Take a look at the cover for Ludocrats #4. That cover is probably the best summary one could hope to find for this series. That applies to both the plot and the artwork. It’s fun and bubbly while also being bright and unafraid to let it’s characters be free. Sometimes literally.

There are a few scenes worth highlighting in this issue. Mainly the one that comes from the first set of circumstances, our heroes (?) come across. It’s a fun little twist that added (or took away) extra depth to the series.

Jeff Stokely is the lead artist for this project, so give him credit for all of those crazy scenes. Even (perhaps especially) the ones that make you want to look away. This is a series that wouldn’t have been nearly as effective if not for the artwork involved, especially in regards to character design (which does carry the series from one event to the next).

Tamra Bonvillain is the one behind the colors, as you can clearly tell at just a glance. The colors are bold and bright, which is actually pretty perfect for this series. The world of the Ludocrats is bright and full of life, and sometimes death.

Clayton Cowles provided the lettering, showing off all the quirks and insanity that this oft-overlooked artform can provide. It’s ideal for this series for more than one reason—all while (almost) adding a sense of structure to the world.

Drunk, or friends? Why not both?


Ludocrats #4 is every bit as crazy and chaotic as it’s forefathers, if not more so. The series is getting close to the end, and this is the issue that is set up for that explosive moment, which might end up being more literal than not.

It’s been a fun and sometimes silly ride thus far, with the characters forcing their way through this world with a refreshing amount of boldness (and lack of shame). It’s undoubtedly one of the most unique series out there.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Ludocrats #4 is an issue full of bold colors, and even bolder characters. It's insane, quirky, and shockingly entertaining. The War Against Rationality Continues In LUDOCRATS #4