Was Audio From ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Just Leaked?

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The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead season finale is this Sunday and with it comes the arrival of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Early this morning, an audio file was leaked on Reddit and its alleging that this is, in fact, the final ten minutes of the season finale. You can easily make out Negan in the clip along with Rick as well.  What do you guys think? Is this Legit? Take a listen?

Adding a little fuel to the speculation, AMC Networks this afternoon has been dedicating time and resources to having these clips pulled from various places on the internet. Why would AMC waste time and resources if the clip didn’t have any substance? Regardless, I can’t wait for Sunday night’s finale and be sure to keep checking our site as we will have a full recap of the finale on Monday.

The Walking Dead

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  1. […] The clip is eleven minutes and three seconds of Negan’s terrifying monologue, and at the end it includes screams from the others we didn’t hear on Sunday. One scream you can definitely make out is a woman screaming “Glenn.” Does this mean Glenn’s the goner? Is that Maggie screaming his name? Or is Maggie the one getting knocked out by a barbwire baseball bat and she’s screaming “Glenn”? Listen to the full clip here. […]

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