Star #4 is an intense piece of work, proving what character development is all about. Combined with brilliant artwork, this is an issue worth the wait.

The Rematch of a Century is About to Occur in STAR #4

STAR #4, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, finally brings us the rematch that fans have been waiting for. Captain Marvel and Star have been on a collision course from the start, and that moment has ultimately arrived.

Captain Marvel and Star are about to have their rematch in Star #4.


Remember when Ripley was just a happy reporter? She certainly is struggling to remember those days. Now she’s on the run, with a power stone in her chest. To say that she’s got people gunning for her life would be putting it mildly.

We’re almost at the end of this five-issue miniseries, and thus far Star has earned herself new allies and enemies alike. But we’ve all really been waiting for the moment when she got a chance to face off against Captain Marvel once again even if Star herself was slightly dreading that inevitable moment.

The Writing

Star #4 is every bit as dramatic and intense as fans have been hoping for. Considering we’ve been waiting for this rematch since Star first fell, that is certainly saying something. Though naturally, there’s a complication or two in the making.

Kelly Thompson is the mind behind this issue and this series. Through Star’s story, she’s forced us to realize the trauma somebody we perceive as a villain can go through. It’s a poignant reminder that they’re still human at the end of the day. Even if they’re committing acts that we don’t even remotely approve of.

All of these elements, and more, made the battle Star is facing all the more compelling. This wasn’t simply a battle of the fists. No, there’s raw emotion getting thrown into the mix. It’s intense and powerful, and that’s all before taking the power levels of our hero and villain into account.

It is difficult to believe that there is only one issue left of this miniseries. It’s even more difficult to predict how it will wrap up, and what will happen to Star when it does. The flashbacks provided in this issue have gone a long way in raising even more questions about what the future holds for young Ripley.

The Artwork

Star #4 is every bit as visually compelling as it is powerful. Given the artists involved in this project, that probably isn’t too much of a shock. Javier Pina, Jay Leisten, and Filipe Andrade were the lead artists for this issue.

Think about what you’d want to see in a fight between Star and Captain Marvel. Now add in the new abilities that Star has learned. That is what our artists delivered to you here, with a few surprises to keep things fresh. It is everything and more, with a strong sense of motion and impact to add weight to the fight.

Jesus Aburtov and Chris O’Halloran were the artists responsible for the coloring, and they brought everything to life through their work. The pages are vibrant – even when using a darker color palette. There’s this rich tone to the colors that are perfectly suited, both to Star’s story and to the power being thrown around.

VC’s Clayton Cowles is the one behind the lettering, and unsurprisingly he did a fantastic job. His careful placement added to the impact of specific scenes, making the dramatic sounds clear and resonant. Meanwhile, the internal monologue of Star was perfectly placed to remind us of what must be going through her head at any moment.

A sneak peek at what is in store in Star #5.

In Conclusion

The rematch was certainly the major highlight of Star #4, but there were many other memorable elements and moments from this issue. The creative team has pushed Star’s character arc as far as possible, breaking new ground while forcing perspective shifts.

For that reason, this series is surely going to linger in our memories for quite some time. It certainly will with Star, though perhaps for different reasons.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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The Rematch of a Century is About to Occur in STAR #4Star #4 is an intense piece of work, proving what character development is all about. Combined with brilliant artwork, this is an issue worth the wait.