The Web of Black Widow #2 merges the past and the present in a dramatic issue, one that forces Natasha to face her allies in a whole new light.

The Plot Thickens in WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #2

Natasha’s quest for answers and resolution continues in WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #2, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics. Black Widow’s past is dredged up and used against her in this thrilling new miniseries, forcing the character and readers to acknowledge what she has lost.

Black Widow is looking frustrated with the transforming demons of her past.


Natasha Romanoff is a character with a complex and dynamic history. The problem is that she’s not always proud of that history. And she can’t always recall all of the details, thanks to some of the things she’s been through. So when the past comes back to bite her, it somehow manages to exact a higher toll than expected.

But this is the Black Widow we’re talking about. If there’s one thing we can count on her for, it’s that she’ll always get back up and keep on fighting. And she’ll do so with or without help. That’s just how she operates.

In this case, her ability to work alone is a positive thing, given that she is by all appearances being framed. The how and why are less clear, but you can bet that Natasha will be getting to the bottom of this mystery. No matter how many faces she has to break in the process.

How does that window on the bathing suit work?

Web of Black Widow #2 is written by Jody Houser, and the issue was a poignant reminder of Natasha’s sordid history. We all know that she’s done things in her past, but this is more than that. This is a reminder of Natasha’s history with other heroes – the good and the bad.

Let’s be honest; Natasha’s ability to be a more grayscale character is one of the reasons fans love her. This series is perfect for her in every way possible. She’s once again forced to deal with a situation all on her own – and in the process forced to confront allies, she’d be happier trusting.

The plot bounced back and forth between the past and present with total ease, weaving together multiple points in Natasha’s history. In this way, it was easy to connect the dots between what she has done and what she must do next. It was an elegant way of telling the story, and one that is well-suited for this format.

As for the catalyst behind the entire plot? It’s not as simple as it seems, but it is very clearly a personal battle for Natasha. Whoever is doing this has a reason they want to hurt her – or her reputation. The real question is, who could it be? Enough enemies are lingering in her past to choose from.

The focus is clear in this flashback.

The artwork in Web of Black Widow #2 leans more towards the dramatic edge, with dynamic poses and lots of action sequences. Which makes sense, given that this is Black Widow we’re talking about.

Stephen Mooney was the lead artist for this issue, with Triona Farrell providing the colors. These two worked well together, with her keen sense of color and shading complementing Mooney’s sharper drawing style. Meanwhile, VC’s Cory Petit did the lettering, and as per usual, he did an excellent job of it.

They did an excellent job of showing off Natasha’s strength in this issue. There’s no doubt that the woman has muscles, and that she knows how to use them. Likewise, the series of flashbacks reminding us of her history with the Winter Soldier was exceptionally done. In just a few panels, their chemistry and romance were laid out for the fans.

Some of the style choices were a bit off, here and there. But it was not that distracting. And it was easily balanced out with the fight scenes. Though how Black Widow’s suit stayed in place will forever be a mystery.

Think anybody will notice?

Web of Black Widow #2 is the perfect issue for fans of Natasha Romanoff. It’s steeped in her backstory, as well as the general air of mystery known to her character. It also puts Black Widow back in her natural element; the type where she’s forced to fend for herself to get the job done. In many ways, this plot is taking the character, full circle.

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The Web of Black Widow #2 merges the past and the present in a dramatic issue, one that forces Natasha to face her allies in a whole new light. The Plot Thickens in WEB OF BLACK WIDOW #2