The Mist Episode Four “Pequod” – Spider Gods For Everyone!

Previously on ‘The Mist’ – Eve lied, Adrian lied and Mia lied. Gus pushed his way to the top. Jay came clean. I’m still having nightmares about moths thanks to episode 3.

“A giant moth killed him.”

Yeah – we’re still talking about that horrid moth death scene from last week’s episode. (I’m still not fully over it, to be honest). Kevin and Co are in the car trying to get the hell away from murder moths. Mia’s trying but failing to hot wire the car, somethings not right with the vehicle. Kevin suggests the nearby garage, which on a normal day might be a good idea, doesn’t sit well with the group. They discuss the living nature of ‘The Mist’ and Kevin seems to be fitting into his role as the group leader.

“We need to distract them.”

We open on the mall with a woman running to the door trying to escape. She’s stopped by Jay and Gus. The tension and panic in the mall are reaching a fever pitch so they decide to distract people with board games and football (I hope Cluedo isn’t in the list of games!). Guy points out to Jay that everyone will respect him as he’s a star football player. After receiving shade from the girlfriend of the gamer’s from last week, Jay ends up feeling moody so throws the ball. Alex catches it and runs away.


Back in the Church and father Romanov discusses his renewed faith with a fellow parishioner (who’s got a very dodgy look about him. I’m calling it – he’ll be evil before the season is out.) Romanov decides that this is all a test from God and he’s got to save their souls. Nathalie puts a spanner in the works – she announces that she’s not on good terms with God so she’s praying to someone else. She’s not sure who, but she’s putting her faith in the moths’ from last week (shudder).

Finding a safe place after running through the mist, Kevin and Co stumble into the garage. Adrian points out that someone is driving up to them. After a little tension with guns pointed at each other, the man introduces himself as Clay. He knows Kevin through the school. He’s actually looking for his son. He show’s the group a picture and they know him – and that he’s actually dead. Mia’s mightily pissed off with Kevin for lying to the new guy – Kevin reminds her that he’ll do ANYTHING to find his wife and daughter.

“The law is people trying to control human nature.”

In the church again and Nathalie is on the stairs reading. She seems quite happy until Connor turns up. He’s refreshingly honest with her when she asks if everyone think’s that she’s crazy. He tells her that he’s struggling, he’s got no gun and now he’s got no prisoners either. Nathalie tells him that law is pretty pointless (talk about rubbing salt in the wounds). Romanov interrupts the two with the news that there is some food available.

“I’m happy he’s not here”

In the Mist Mall everyone is eating. (Not sure what meal though as time seems to be a bit unimportant.) Alex and a little girl decide to visit the book shop for Kevin’s child friendly book about an owl. As soon as she’s gone, the mothers in the group break out the wine and have a kiki. Eve confesses she blames Kevin for Alex rape (which we knew). She’s also really happy he’s not here – it’s easier for her without him (Bit harsh).

Father Romanov is leading everyone in a group prayer, trying to save their souls. Nathalie on the other hand has been reading a priest’s diary from 1856, in the book it mentions the “Black Spring”. This is something that’s been mentioned a few times now so I hope they actually build on it. Nathalie believes it’s nature fighting back – Romanov looks at her like she’s grown an extra head. A creepy spider crosses the church, Nathalie believes it’s a sign from nature so jar’s it up. There’s some tense music playing so you know that spider is going to be important.

“They just stopped working.”

Clay and Kevin apologise for pulling guns on each other over some food. During the conversation, Clay explains that suddenly ALL the cars stopped working. At the same time. Any new ones anyway. His car’s working due to being an older model with no computer’s in it. It was his son’s car and he loved it – so he’s going to use it to find him. Kevin ask’s for a lift to the mall, but Clay declines. He doesn’t have enough petrol, never one to back down, Kevin suggest’s they sleep on it.

Mist In The Mall

Back to Mist Mall for one of the more tense parts of the episode! The gamers from last week decide to use a harpoon gun to bring the bodies back into the mall. Shocking absolutely NOBODY this plan fails miserably. Of them gets killed when he ventures into the mist, the other guy runs away. (Totally what I would do.) This allows the mist to enter the mall! I REPEAT – THE MIST IS IN THE MALL!

As the gamer runs to safety, he locks the door to the bookshop behind him – trapping Alex and Lyla with the mist! The tension here is high as the parents are trapped on the other side of the door unable to see anything through the dense mist. Lyla screams as a physical shape takes form in front of her – and proceeds to EAT HER! They killed a bloody kid character! Alex is surely next as it appears in front of her. She manages to stand up to it and escape uneaten! (PHEW!)

Nathalie and her pet spider are causing concern in the church. Romanov feels that she’s losing the plot, after discussing it with Connor he’s shocked to find that Nathalie isn’t alone. Connor, who has been in the mist, feels like it knows him and the darkness that is inside him. He gets a dead fly and goes over to Nathalie to feed her pet.

“He’s dead!”

Kevin comes clean to Clay after a tense argument with Mia. He’s unable to do the unthinkable and kill Clay despite pointing a gun at him. Clay tries to shoot Kevin but ends up getting Bryan in the leg. It’s all a bit tense!

“Anyone who endangers the group….”

Dealing with the aftermath of the Mist-Monster, the group have decided to kick out Vic The Gamer. He’s crying and apologising, but it was stated in the rules. If you bring danger to the mall – you’re out! After a vote (because democracy) it’s decided to kick him to the kerb. Jay seems to be the only one who disapproves.

Spider-gate reached its peak after Nathalie is seen chatting away to her new friend. Father Romanov and his friend from earlier decide that they must save Nathalie’s soul. (She seems quite content to me if I’m being honest.) Romanov finds it offensive that Nathalie is worshipping false gods, so takes it upon himself to kill Spider-God. It’s actually a brilliantly done scene, you can see it from both sides, but I hate spiders so I’m with the priest. After collecting the body into a jar Natalie gives the priest the mother of dirty looks. This isn’t over!

“Fuck. You.”

After Vic is unceremoniously kicked into the mist, he curses them and wanders off (until we see a body – I’m saying he’s not dead.) We go back to the church where Romanov is trying to justify killing an old woman’s pet spider. Connor isn’t convinced and tells the priest as much – he’s on side with Nathalie. Who has her faith rewarded – the dead spider has filled her jar with hundreds of baby spiders. (At this point I would have burned the church to the ground and took my chances in the mist.)

“I lied.”

During a farewell ceremony for Lyla a distraught Alex comes clean to her mom about lying. She didn’t fight the monster off, it just chose to ignore her. Naturally this upsets Shelly, Lyla’s mother who packs her stuff and goes back to the main mall group. She makes sure to tell them all that Alex is a filthy liar. I can see the groundwork for next week’s episode already!

“He’s out there.”

Clay is leaving the garage and feels a bit bad about shooting poor Bryan. (Who hasn’t really had a whole lot to say this week.) He offers the car up to Kevin and co to take Bryan to the hospital before going out into the mist. Loading the car up Kevin and Co continue their adventure by driving off into the mist.


SO MUCH BETTER! This week was a much better episode than the previous three. The tension in this episode was brilliantly built with Lyla’s death and the aftermath. I’m also slowly starting to care about some of the characters. Frances Conroy shone this week as Nathalie with her spiders and you can see Kevin’s struggle. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to next week’s episode!

What did you think about the spiders? Were you surprised about the death of Lyla? Are you even still watching this? Let us know in the comments below.

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