Review: Monsters Now Included, Sort Of ‘The Mist’ Episode 3: “Show & Tell”

Previously on ‘The Mist‘ – Mia was shifty. Bryan reminded everyone there was something in the mist. Eve killed a man and lied to everyone. Nathalie broke out the wine. There you go – fully caught up on episode two.

“She’s the only friend I have.”

We start episode three in the church. Everyone is slowly waking up after a heavy night on the holy wine. As Connor sleeps on a pew, Adrian uses the time to shine his torch in his eyes. We see various people getting ready for another day in the church. This includes Kevin having a wash and a character who has a rather large moth tattoo on his back. With no coffee on offer, Adrian and Kevin decide to catch up. Both are worried about Alex, however, Kevin has a plan up his sleeve. There’s a car outside and he plans to use it to get to his family.


In the Mist Mall, Alex is watching the world go by. Eve comes by to check on her, the two exchange small talk. It’s a nice scene, Eve tells a mom story, while Alex confesses that she’s scared. Uncertain as to what could be causing her daughter to be scared (really??), Eve asks her. “I’m stuck in a mall with the guy who raped me.”

“Why the hell is the military here?”

Elsewhere in the mall, Jay has alerted Gus to the dead solders hanging around behind him. After cutting down the bodies, they discover dog tag’s on them. Anyone who’s seen the movie would have seen this coming a mile away, the whole scene is very similar to the movie. With the realization that the military is involved, it raises a whole lot of questions. If only Eve hadn’t killed one of the soldiers last week. (Poor Red Shirt Clint – nobody’s even asked after him!)

“They know what’s happening out there!”

Wheeling the bodies out of the bathroom in shopping trolleys instills further panic into the mall group. Using this moment to capitalize on his own plans, Gus reveals that they are going to have to search for dog tags on everyone after they dispose of the bodies. (They’re thinking freezers in the food court.) The last soldier standing tries to sneak off while everyone is talking about the military reveal. There’s a little bit of rough housing and the poor soldier is forced to reveal that he’s not in a high enough position to be told anything. These three scene’s have given us a really good glimpse into the mentality at the mall. Here’s a hint – it’s not good!

“It’s as if all of nature came alive.”

Back in the church and Nathalie is talking to Moth-Man. (Admittedly that’s not his real name, but he has a giant moth tattoo on his back and I didn’t catch his name once during the three viewings of the episode!) They discuss everything that is going on and she recalls her morning with the frogs and moths in her garden. She brings up her research in the library and mentions “black spring”. I assumed it’s like Black Friday where everyone goes mad for a plasma TV, but I was wrong. It’s a local legend about nature getting revenge on man. Moth-Man ask’s Nathalie what she was looking at through the windows. She asks him if he see’s the gray shape in the distance, when he ask’s what it was she simply replies “Benedict”.

Elsewhere in the church Kevin and Connor have yet another argument. Kevin has decided that it’s time to leave and go to the mall for his wife and daughter. Connor being the dick he is naturally disagree’s. He has no intention of letting Mia or Bryan leave. I’d be shocked, but he’s been such an epic dick for the last few episodes. I was actually expecting this response from him. To further increase his feeling of superiority he locks Mia and Brian in the basement.

“We could choose to trust each other.”

Mia is in full withdrawal now but Bryan isn’t paying her much attention. He’s busy having a root around the boxes in the church for something. After passing her both her coat and some drugs she had stashed, he unlocks her with the paperclip he’s just found. (Connor is going to be so pissed off!) They share another nice moment where the two decide to trust each other only. Mia admit’s “I could really use some body to trust.” Awww. This nice guy routine from Bryan further cements my belief that he’s going to turn out to be a bastard later in the season.

“Who’s pointless now bitch?”

Mamma Eve has a plan in the Mist Mall. She’s moving and taking Alex with her. I understand her thought process here, but lets face it – Jays in the mall and there’s very little she can do to get away from him. The guys from the video game store are sitting playing on a blank TV after being chastised by Gus. They come up with the bright idea to use the two bodies in the freezer as bait to finally discover what’s in the mist. (As idea’s go, this isn’t actually terrible!)

“I remember the dog.”

Bryan and Mia get to know each other. Sadly Mia discovers that playing this game with an amnesia sufferer isn’t actually that much fun. Much like Jon Snow – Bryan know’s nothing. She starts crying when he admit’s that he has no memory other than the dog. (After reading some of the reactions to the first episode, that dog will not be forgotten by a lot of people!) They share another moment and have a hug. Mia’s walls are down and she finally trusts Bryan. I’m going to say next episode he’ll get his memory back and be evil.

“She’s a murderer!”

Elsewhere in the church, Kevin and Adrian discuss who’s coming with them. When Kevin suggest Mia, Adrian doesn’t want her to join them because she’s a murder. Kevin points out that under the circumstances it’s OK that she killed. He sneaks to the basement door and has a conversation with Mia through the door and finds out that she can hot wire a car. The great escape has begun!

Adrian and Father Romanov discuss fear. Romanov admit’s that he knows Adrian’s mother, she used to be a regular attendee of his church until Adrian’s dad came along. He hint’s that Daddy Adrian isn’t a nice guy and he know’s about it. Adrian discusses his sexuality and the pair share quite a nice moment that actually manages to flesh out the characters. (one of my biggest gripes with the show thus far.) Connor chooses this moment to point out that he thinks Adrian is a liar who’s framing his son. It gets quite heated when Kevin gets involved and the two finally come to blows. As a result Kevin finds himself locked up in the basement.

The two gamer guys manage to get into the freezer and steal the bodies of the dead soldiers. After leaving them outside they wait to see what happens next. Meanwhile Alex and Eve are hunting for supplies to help them with the move. They split up (naturally) to get more bits.

While in the card shop Jay sneaks up on Alex like a dog at a disco. In quite a tense scene, he admit’s that he never raped her. He simply helped her upstairs into bed, put a blanket on her and left her to sleep it off. Furthermore he points out that Adrian is a liar if he said otherwise.

Nathalie has decided that it’s time for her go. Unlike Kevin she’s not waiting for Connor to allow her and walks out. She’s followed by Moth-Man who wants to stop her. Outside the church and the mist begins to thicken around them. The camera follows a moth as it flutters towards Nathalie’s friend and flies into him. Thus begins a metamorphosis into an actual Moth-Man. It’s quite a well done scene and my fear of moth’s had a field day in my dreams that night. After he dies, Nathalie announces she’s seen God to a panic-stricken church.

Alex tells Eve about her encounter with Jay. While her daughter is crying Eve does her best to reassure her (and gets that “I’m-going-to-kill-him-with-my-bare-hands” look on her face from last episode.) By the doors and the last remaining soldier see’s his friends outside in the parking lot. He is NOT happy. Gus appears like a bad penny and tells off the gamers. Yet again he uses the situation to his advantage and announces that they need to establish rules in the mall. I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that this won’t end well.

“Satan lost his bet.”

The death of Moth-Man has naturally upset everyone in the church. (It’s also given me nightmares, but that’s neither here not there.) Father Romanov has lost all the color from his face and shares the story of Jobe with a shaken Adrian. He thinks that the mist is a chance for God to show how much he loves everyone by destroying their lives. (I have an aunt like this.) Adrian decides that now would be a good time to get baptized and wash away his sins.

Gus opens the floor to the new rules. Anyone can suggest something and it will go to a vote. They decide on the following rules – 1. Ration Food. 2. No stealing/looting other than food. 3. Whoever endangers the group gets kicked out the mall. The last suggestion is met by gasps. Eve, however, isn’t a fan of rules and announces that she’s going. More decide to join her which naturally upsets some people. In the distraction, Eve grabs a gun and point’s it at Jay. She’s not staying here with them – Gus allows her and the new group to go to a separate part of the mall but tells them not to come back to them.

“I am a sinner!”

Adrian gets baptized by Father Romanov. Adrian thanks him afterward and steals the keys to the basement. His whole thing was an act! Sadly Romanov doesn’t notice so Kevin and co get broken out of the basement. The great escape is on! Kevin even manages to punch Connor and get his gun before the awesome foursome escape. Adrian and Romanov share a look before he leaves.

As the episode draws to a close, Eve’s new group release a load of balloons into the sky with handwritten help notes attached. I mean, it worked in UP so I can understand the logic. “I miss my Dad.” Alex laments just as the credits roll.


Another episode in the books. After last week’s episode, I started to lose hope with the show. However, this week I feel they’ve actually made some progress. Very slowly the characters are getting fleshed out. Mia, Bryan, and Nathalie especially stood out this week. I’m going to say it now – Adrian is the rapist and Bryan is a bad guy.

It was nice to finally see some kind of monster, although I’m starting to believe that we’re really not going to see much else in the way of creatures. This version of the mist seems to be more of a psychological horror than a creature feature, which will be interesting as the season goes on. I just really want to like Kevin and Eve, but so far they’re just very bland one note characters. Hopefully with this week’s set up of a new camp for Eve and being on the road for Kevin it’ll open the door for bigger storylines for the two.

What did you think of Moth-Man? Are you going to tune in next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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