Lumberjanes #70 is an endearing issue, full of history and character development, not to mention a fair amount of fantastic artwork.

The Lore of the Janes In LUMBERJANES #70

LUMBERJANES #70, out this Wednesday from Boom! Studios provides a glimpse into the past and the origin of the Lumberjanes themselves. It’s an enchanting tale, through and through. And is perfect for fans of the series.

What a sweet photo on the cover of Lumberjanes #70!


The Lumberjanes are at it again. It seems like even the most normal of circumstances result in some sort of discovery for these campers. But that is simply the Lumberjane way. A fact that we now seem to know, as we dive into the origin of the camp itself.

One comment in Lumberjanes #70 did get us thinking. April mentioned that summer was almost over…which leaves us wondering. What will happen to the series when the summer finishes? Will that be the end? Or will there be another jump in time? Here’s hoping the series isn’t due for a conclusion anytime soon.

The alternate cover for Lumberjanes #70 is perhaps one of the most striking thus far.

The Plot

Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh have teamed up to write this whimsical introduction to the past in Lumberjanes #70. It’s a delightful issue with lots of parallels being drawn. Oh, and maybe a few shockingly dangerous invasive plants.

This series has always had so much charm to it, and it feels like that sentiment grows with each and every issue. Learning more about Jane – the original Lumberjane has only helped to enhance that feeling. Though it’s not something many fans had thought to ask about until this point.

As per usual, a normal outing has turned towards something supernatural. The invasive plants that Rosie was teaching our campers about are something…more. That’s almost an expected twist at this point. But it is a fun one! And it allows for some much needed action and drama along the way.

The conclusion of this issue hints at an adventure of epic proportions. Not only will our usual Roanoke cabin be involved, but Rosie and Abigail as well. That’s a good enough reason to already be looking forward to Lumberjanes #71.

Rosie is probably not prepared for the round of 20 questions she’s about to receive.

The Art

Lumberjanes #70 is full of fun and endearing artwork. In short, it’s so perfectly Lumberjanes that it’s painful. The addition of Rosie and Abigail is a nice tough, as these two add some variety (mostly in height) to the mix.

Kanesha C. Bryant and Julia Madrigal were the lead artists for this issue, working alongside Maarta Laiho for colors, and Aubrey Aiese for lettering. This plot was fun and interesting, but the artwork is what really brought it all to life.

The character expressions are probably the biggest highlight of this issue. Their emotions ranged from curiosity to concern, then to jubilation and back again. The colors would have to be the second-best part of this issue, as they’re just so rich and fun for the eyes.

Behold! The very first Jane (of the Lumberjanes, that is).

In Conclusion

Lumberjanes #70 was a fascinating issue, one that balanced the present and the past in perfect proportions. It’s so refreshing to finally learn about the origin of the camp, even if that is something we never took into question previously.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Lumberjanes #70 is an endearing issue, full of history and character development, not to mention a fair amount of fantastic artwork. The Lore of the Janes In LUMBERJANES #70