Strayed #2 is a striking comic with a developing story - one guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of all cat lovers.

Review: The Expansion Never Ends in STRAYED #2

STRAYED #2 from Dark Horse Comics is out this Wednesday, and it is the perfect read for any cat lover hoping to get into a new series. Little Lou is an adorable astral projecting cat, but the world he lives in is content to take advantage of his abilities.

A different focus on the second issue’s cover.


After the first issue of Strayed came out, many fans still had questions about Lou and the world he lives in. Strayed #2 went a long way in answering some of those questions – while also tugging at the heartstrings of any animal lovers out there.

Lou has a special gift – he can astral project; a fantastic talent, especially when combined with his owner’s technology, thus granting him the opportunity to communicate with humans properly. Unfortunately for both him and his human, there are other humans in control who want to abuse this ability set.

Enter Strayed #2. Lou has been pushed to the limits as of late, with the greedy humans who control his fate sending him out again and again? What are they seeking? And worse, what will they do when they find it? These are questions fans have been asking. And while these questions were answered, many more were brought up throughout this issue.

Lou looks cuter than ever in this alternate cover.

Strayed #2 blends science fiction and drama, turning it into something curious and new. And it’s sure to make cat lovers feel a little pain in the hearts, especially when one overthinks about the conditions that Lou has been put through.

Heartache aside, this issue went a long way in explaining the world (or rather, universe) around Lou and his owner. There are still so many questions left to answer and to ask, but we’re getting there. Along the journey, even more, planets and species were showcased, all in a montage format. The world-building was done to hint at the depth behind the mission these humans have been on.

Carlos Giffoni is still at the helm of this series, so you can blame him for any emotional distress you experienced during this issue. We have to give him credit for giving us some emotionally compelling reasons to care because there’s still quite a lot left to this tale.

Lou is traveling once again.

As with the first issue of the series, Juan Doe has taken the brunt of the artwork. He handled both the lines and the colors, resulting in one cohesive and dynamic piece of work. There are a lot of positive things to be said about the artwork within this issue.

The myriad of worlds was shown in a striking compilation. While each world hosted a plethora of vibrant colors, no two worlds seemed overly similar. It’s clear; Doe has a creative mind for building an expansive universe.

The way Doe shows Lou’s astral form is fascinating – there’s a clear distinction between the physical cat and the astral one, and not just because of the color change. The structure and way the body moves change slightly as well. It’s all exceptionally done.

Finally, Matt Krotzer provided the lettering for this issue, and he had a solid template to work with. Krotzer handled the montage dialogue in a way that fits each panel perfectly. He also made a point of not blocking as little of the artwork as possible, which is appreciated.

What a world Loua has stumbled upon.

Strayed #2 proves to readers that there is still a lot going on behind the scenes. The world has been further established, as has the situation that Lou is in. We still have dozens of questions yet to have answered, but we’re feeling more confident about the anticipated delivery of those answers.

Cat Wyatt
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Strayed #2 is a striking comic with a developing story - one guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of all cat lovers. Review: The Expansion Never Ends in STRAYED #2