Batgirl #43 is a creative start to a new plot, one full of fantasy and striking artwork.

The Epitome of Escapism in BATGIRL #43

BATGIRL #43, out this Wednesday from DC Comics, takes a surprising spin around the concept of escapism and varying realities. The minds battle creativity in this thrilling new plot arc, as Batgirl struggles to cope.

Batgirl is about to face a whole different foe in Batgirl #43.


It’s safe to say that Batgirl has been through a lot in recent issues. She had to take on the Oracle – something she never expected to have to do. Now she’s faced with a tough romantic decision, and yet even then she’s not really granted the time to think or cope.

But that’s the life of a superhero. There’s no downtime, especially not if you’re the sort to follow in Bruce Wayne’s footsteps. But no amount of training would have prepared Barbara for what she is about to face, for it is the very core of creativity.

A flashy and classy Batgirl on the alternate cover of Batgirl #43.

The Plot

Batgirl #43 begins a whole new plot arc for our wounded and weary heroine. It’s about as far as you can get from the Oracle plot, while still being a dramatic challenge for Barbara. This is a plot that ties directly back to events in the Titans, which may be quite a surprising twist for some.

Cecil Castellucci’s latest plot has quickly proven to be a creative one. It’s challenging both Batgirl and Barbara, but for completely different reasons. But that’s not the only thing that makes this plot noteworthy.

There’s something very refreshing about diving into a fantasy heavy plot after having finished one so focused on sci-fi elements. It’s a complete change of pace. Perhaps that will prove a good thing for Batgirl in the long run. It’s certainly good for her readers!

Barbara’s obsession with what is arguably a horribly written novel series (she says so herself) is extremely endearing. We’ve all done it, especially when trying to find an escape from the real world. It’s a nice touch to this story and one that ties in very nicely with the big picture.

An attack in Gotham Central Park! What a surprise, right?

The Art

Batgirl #43 was full of vibrant fantasy scenes clashing with cityscapes. It made for a visually appealing read, for more than one reason. On the one hand, we have all of the normal flash and style that goes with Batgirl. On the other hand, a fantasy world ripped right from the pages of an epic fantasy saga. It’s a charming mixture.

Cian Tormey was the lead artist for this issue, and they were responsible for a lot of the creative elements here. They designed and drew the fantasy world, as well as portrayed a Barbara too absorbed in her reading.

Meanwhile, Chris Sotomayor was the colorist, and they made this issue shine. While there’s a little bit of every color, the purple hues really added a strong sense of fantasy. The fact that they opted to have this hue indicates this infusion was effective, leaning on classic comic themes to tell a story.

Finally, Andworld Design was responsible for the lettering, and they did an excellent job here. Barbara spent a lot of this issue thinking and debating with herself, yet the words are perfectly balanced on the pages.

There’s definitely something strange going on here…

In Conclusion

Batgirl #43 was a diverting read, which is a bit ironic, given how distracted Barbara herself became. There were some fun parallels drawn, making this a fantastic start to a whole new plot arc. It’ll be interesting to see how far this plot is pushed, and what the cost will be.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Batgirl #43 is a creative start to a new plot, one full of fantasy and striking artwork. The Epitome of Escapism in BATGIRL #43