Lucy Claire: Redemption #4 contains within it several careful storytelling techniques, as well as some truly vibrant artwork.

The Cost of Being a Hero in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #4

LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #4, out this week from Image Comics, brings us back to a world full of werewolves and monsters. This is the world in which Lucy became a hero, before losing everything she ever loved.

Lucy is looking both determined and haggard on this cover of Lucy Claire: Redemption #4.


Lucy Claire: Redemption is an impressive feat, no matter how you look at it. Written, illustrated, and lettered by John Upchurch, you better believe that this entire project was a labor of love. This is a world where werewolves once again roam the streets, hunting as they please.

That is unless a disgraced werewolf hunter steps up to do what must be done. Enter Lucy Claire. She once eradicated the lands of all the monsters, but it cost her everything. Now they’re back, and so is she.

Lucy Claire: Redemption #4 shows us the cost of prolonged retirement. Lucy Claire is still a total badass…but she’s definitely lost her edge. Her injuries are a testament to that fact. The truth of the matter is, Lucy has been through hell and back, the worst of it being the emotional toll she’s taken.

As you can tell, Lucy may not be at the top of her game. Not yet, at any rate.

The Writing

Lucy Claire: Redemption #4 is an intense read from cover to cover. Many fans already sussed out what Lucy has gone through, but it wasn’t confirmed. Not until now. More than that, we had no way of predicting how far the depth of her pain went.

Now we know. And it is so much more complicated than we could have ever guessed. This is the dramatic twist that we should have known was coming. Everything about this plot has been leading up to something much more insidious.

On that count, this series has done an excellent job. The truth has been successfully obfuscated at every turn, up until now. Leaving only hints, just enough to tell us that something is being hidden from our side.

It’s enough to get readers desperate for the next issue. Desperate to find the truth of this story. Even now, with a major reveal out of the way, it still feels like there’s more to this story. That’s involved storytelling right there, and it is intense.

Speaking of intense, this is not a series that shies away from raw pain and emotions. That is what makes Lucy’s story so powerful and compelling. That remains true in this issue, even when she was less of an active participant than usual (which in itself is creative storytelling).

The Art

Lucy Claire: Redemption #4 is full of stunning artwork, as per usual. Everything from the backdrops, to the monsters and characters that fill the pages are so bright and striking to look at. Though naturally there are several highlights worth talking about.

Each and every character in this series is unique and carefully crafted. They’re iconic and identifiable at a glance – even the newly introduced ones. Lucy, in particular, has such an elegant style to her. She’s a character that radiates both pain and strength.

The monsters are no different. There are a variety of werewolves in this series, that alone is surprising enough. But they all feature unique designs, along with complex rules and abilities. It makes for an appealing read, especially when the fighting gets intense.

In Conclusion

Lucy Claire: Redemption #4 is another intense addition to this dramatic tale. The revelation in this issue is not one we could have predicted, though in some ways it feels like we should have. That’s all proof of careful storytelling.

Things are likely going to pick up from here, which is saying something. There’s another major fight on the horizon, as well as more answers (hopefully). Any guesses for what will happen next?

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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The Cost of Being a Hero in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #4Lucy Claire: Redemption #4 contains within it several careful storytelling techniques, as well as some truly vibrant artwork.