Robert Kirkman’s Epic Speech On Optimus Prime (NYCC Energon Universe)

Robert Kirkman spoke to the media after the Energon Universe panel at New York Comic Con Saturday afternoon. I asked him what the core elements that make up Duke and Optimus Prime are; both answers are very good and have me excited for the franchise moving forward. Check out the full video clip below.

“I think the key to Optimus Prime and Daniel (Warren Johnson) could probably talk about this more is his heart, his gentleness, his compassion. He’s this very heroic character that is extremely capable in battle and does all kinds of cool stuff, but the fact that he cares and the fact that he cares about humanity and the fact that this big giant robot made out of steel has this heart to him. He’s a big softy and I think that that’s something that Peter Cullen really brought to the character with his voice work and it’s something that I’m actually in awe of how well Daniel is able to embrace that core aspect of his character I mean it’s on display in almost every scene that Optimus Prime is in and it’s really just showing the the strength of this character,” said Kirkman.


“Just wait till issue two,” Daniel Warren Johnson chimes in at the end.

Are you excited for the shared Energon Universe?

Transformers & G.I. Joe: Welcome To The Energon Universe

10:45-11:45 a.m. ET, Room 405, Javits Center

THE ENERGON UNIVERSE IS HERE! The TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE are back at Skybound, joined by the mega-hit Void Rivals! Superstars Robert Kirkman (Void Rivals), Lorenzo De Felici (Void Rivals), Daniel Warren Johnson (TRANSFORMERS), Joshua Williamson (Duke, Cobra Commander), Tom Reilly (Duke), and Sean Mackiewicz (SVP/Publisher, Skybound) reveal the secrets behind the biggest new comics of 2023. Moderated by Arris Quinones (Host/Co-Creator, Variant Comics). Attendees will receive a copy of the Duke #1 Aschan (while supplies last).

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