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10 Scary Image Comics to Read on Halloween

The big two comic book houses have their share of horror books to read on a chilling Halloween night. But it’s safe to say...

Interview: Jock Gives Update On WYTCHES, Talks How He Draws Horror

We got the chance to talk with superstar artist Jock at MegaCon Orlando about his and Scott Snyder's creator-owned comic Wytches, and more!

Scott Snyder Discusses Wytches Vol. 2, American Vampire, & Dark Nights: Metal

Scott Snyder is a busy, busy man. Not only is he spearheading DC's upcoming Metal event, but he's also bringing back his creator-owned books Wytches and American...

Review: ‘Wytches’ (2014) TPB Volume 1

Scott Snyder recently teased fans of his horror series "Wytches" published by Image Comics that there was more on the way. A Lot more. The...

Comixology Adds Image Titles to Unlimited in Honor of 25th Anniversary

Comixology adds new Image titles to its Unlimited subscription service.

The 5 Best ‘Image Comics’ Books Under 10 Issues

Image Comics is a powerhouse in publishing right now. Marvel may be rocking the superhero world, but Image is putting out the most consistently good...
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