Comixology Adds Image Titles to Unlimited in Honor of 25th Anniversary

Image fans all know that February 1 marked the 25th anniversary of the much loved publishing house. Back in November, Image announced 25 cent comics to celebrity 25 years. However, Comixology is also including some new series to its sometimes-woeful collection of Unlimited subscriber content.

Comixology announced today that it would be adding the following titles for its unlimited subscribers.

Bitch Planet

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(Issue #1-8 & Vol. 1)
created by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Valentine De Landro


When women are deemed to be “non-compliant” by earth’s male leaders, they are sent off world to Bitch Planet in a win or die trying prison. Complete with strongly feminist values, the book also incorporates essays by scholars and other media to enhance the reading experience.

God Hates Astronauts

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(Issues #1-10 & Vol. 1-3, adding issues 6 – 10, Vol. 2-3) complete series
created by Ryan Browne

Beginning with an immortal superhero deformed by boxer John Sullivan who is boxing a bear, this book never gets less weird. With colors reminiscent of Allred, Browne’s artwork adds an additional layer of surreal to an already strongly surreal story.


Courtesy: Image

(Issues #1-6 & Vol. 1 new and available today) complete series
created by writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock
When rumors follow Sailor and her mother from one town to their new home of Litchfield, the mother and daughter learn that rumors are the least of the monsters out to get them. Jock’s art in the series harkens to The Blair Witch Project in the dark woods but also brings pops of pinks and greens that startle the viewer.

For those seeking out some new-old comics to read, Comixology’s additions allow for exploration of some more recently published works upon which maybe you’ve been unwilling to take a $3 chance.

In addition to announcing the arrival of these three major names, Comixology also announced that there will be continuous Image additions to its Unlimited service through May.

What other titles are you hoping to see?

Karen Walsh
Karen Walsh
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