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Review: DOCTOR WHO: 13TH DOCTOR #2.4

Brilliant and inclusive, this series of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor comics is promising to be bigger and better than the last.

SOLE SURVIVORS: Sneaky Science Fiction Critique

At a time when comics were becoming cleaner and more defined, Sole Survivors challenged the notion by resembling self published comics.

Review: DOCTOR WHO THE 13TH DOCTOR Year 2 #3

Jody Houser is exceptional at writing Doctor Who. She captures the characteristics and mannerisms of the TARDIS crew

Review: ADLER #1 Introduces a League of Extraordinary Women

It is true that each character has a specific defining aspect but even within this first issue of Adler there are depths waiting to be explored.

Review: DOCTOR WHO 13TH DOCTOR Year 2 #1 Now With Extra Time Lord

Just like the new T.V. series, the 13th Doctor’s comic adventures are going from strength to strength.  This year is going to be a spectacular year for Doctor Who


Doctor Who 13th Doctor Holiday Special Part 2 fits the festive season snugly and will help pass a lazy, Christmas day.

Review: ROBOTECH: REMIX #2 Offers More Questions Than Answers

With the second issue of Robotech: Remix by Titan Comics, the book is starting to feel like it is tackling too much. Can this...

Review: Early Festive Frolics In DOCTOR WHO 13th DOCTOR HOLIDAY SPECIAL

The Doctor is the perfect holiday hero; she is full of wonder and excitement but there is a serious side, glimpsed briefly just beneath the surface. 

Review: ROBOTECH REMIX #1 Builds On Dana’s Adventure Out Of Time

A new chapter begins in the Robotech series with Robotech Remix as Brenden Fletcher puts focus on a Dana Sterling from another universe with...