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Riri Williams

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The End Of An Era In IRONHEART #12

Ironheart #12 is an emotional and powerful end to Riri Williams series. And it is every bit the ending fans deserved.

How Riri’s Heart Breaks in IRONHEART #11

Ironheart #11 was an emotionally intense issue, one that will force readers to acknowledge everything Riri has been fighting to cope with for years now.

A New Team Forms in IRONHEART #10

Ironheart #10 is full of twists and turns, humor and tension. It’s a perfectly balanced issues, and one that will be remembered for some time.

Review: How IRONHEART #9 Brings Two Tech Geniuses Together

Ironheart #9 is a visually stunning piece, with lots of crossovers and character interaction. It all makes for a very fun read.

Review: IRONHEART #1 – This Book Is Special

IRONHEART #1 hits your local comic book store on November 28, and Eve L. Ewing comes out swinging with an emotional tale of purpose. The...

Forging a Path All Her Own: IRONHEART #1 Dropping in November

The teenage super genius Riri Williams is ready to step into the spotlight, courtesy of the creative team of Dr. Eve L. Ewing and...


The Invincible Iron Man: The Search For Tony Stark is out now in trade paperback, and it's...fine?

MCU Phase Four: BLACK PANTHER’s Shuri Just Might Be the New Iron Man

The following sentence is a severe understatement: Black Panther is a hit. It is breaking box office records left and right, spawning marketing stunts,...

Disney Developing MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR Animated Series

A major rumor has been confirmed as yet another Marvel title is being adapted for television and it’s going to be a fun one. Disney...