Ironheart #12 is the sendoff that fans deserved from this series. It's a chance to say goodbye, all while seeing Riri finally accept herself for who she is.

The End Of An Era In IRONHEART #12

IRONHEART #12, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, brings with it the end of an era. It’s time for Riri Williams to learn about who she is and comes to terms with it all. This is a bittersweet ending, but it is not goodbye.

Ironheart, Shuri, Silhouette, and Okoye are all looking mighty dramatic on this cover.


It’s hard to believe that Ironheart is coming to an end. And yet this issue helps readers make peace with the news, giving the series the sendoff the fans deserved. There are still questions and plots to be covered with Riri Williams, so there is little doubt that we’ll be seeing her again someday.

Perhaps the most shocking twist of the series.

Ironheart #12 is not your typical final issue. This issue was not afraid to introduce new elements right before the end. That might sound odd, but it gave Riri (and thus the readers) one final chance to come to terms with the ghosts of her past. It was shockingly beautiful and heartwarming.

Eve L. Ewing wrote a powerful goodbye in this issue. Riri quite literally faced her ghosts in this issue, and she came out stronger for it. It was one heck of a send-off. And yes, there are certainly still plot arcs up in the air (such as said ghost she had to face). But that just means there are more reasons for her series to get picked up again in the future. And we’re okay with that.

Ironheart’s time in Wakanda comes to an end alongside the conclusion of this plot. It was fun seeing her work together in a team again – one that seemed to make her feel at home. The wrap up for this plot was unexpected, being much more introspective and cerebral than the battle we were led to expect. But it suited the final issue, and it hopefully gave Riri the confidence she’s been desperately seeking for so long.

Good thing Ironheart has some new allies to have her back during this fight.

Ironheart #12 boasted some of the best artwork of the series, which is saying something. There was a lot going on in this issue, and yet the artistic team was up for the task. The technology has always been wonderfully represented here (especially Ironheart’s holograms), but this issue took it to a whole new level.

Another shining example in this issue had to be the use of flashbacks. They were static or dull. But instead, they were organic and dynamic, flowing around the pages and plot itself. They were distinct in the way that all flashbacks should be – with a slight altering to style and tone, which is always appreciated.

Luciano Vecchio provided the expressions that lent so well to the emotions within Ironheart #12. The full range was shown here, as we were transported through Riri’s past. Geoffo’s layouts enhanced the scenes further, making it a truly unique experience.

Then there’s Matt Milla, who provided the colors that are so worthy of being gushed about. They’re vibrant and alive. The heavy use of blues and pinks really set the tone for this whole issue, while also creating an easy distinction between past and present. And finally, VC’s Clayton Cowles provided the lettering, and as per usual, he did an excellent job of it.

That…does not look good.

While Ironheart’s series may be concluding with Ironheart #12, there’s no doubt that her character will move on. Not only is there a lot left to her tale (this issue alone has made that clear), but there’s no way she’ll be left out of future team-ups as well. In fact, the conclusion of this issue reminds us that we’ll be seeing Riri Williams in Incoming #1 (out in December, for those that are wondering). We don’t know what part she’ll play in that…but you can believe that we’ll be checking it out!

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Ironheart #12 is the sendoff that fans deserved from this series. It's a chance to say goodbye, all while seeing Riri finally accept herself for who she is.The End Of An Era In IRONHEART #12