Review: How IRONHEART #9 Brings Two Tech Geniuses Together


Ironheart #9 is visually striking while also giving us a story to remember, with plenty of cameos.
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IRONHEART #9, out this week from Marvel Comics brings together two unique characters; both are loved and both are insanely talented in the world of tech. The real question is, how exactly will these two dominant personalities get along?

Review: How IRONHEART #9 Brings Two Tech Geniuses Together 1
An iconic and amusing cover if ever there was one.


Riri Williams is a tech genius. Nobody is going to argue that point, not around here. But she’s still had a bit of a tough life, and trying to balance life with being a hero is never easy. Lately, Ironheart has been on the hunt for a group of villains known as the Ten Rings – and it’s taken her to an unexpected place.

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Ironheart #8 brought in an unexpected cameo out of Doctor Strange, and it would seem that the cameos are not over for Riri’s tale. This issue sees two major characters alongside several recognizable ones. You’d think that’d leave for a busy issue, but you’d be wrong.

Review: How IRONHEART #9 Brings Two Tech Geniuses Together 2
Riri is rocking the iconic pink and gold lately.

Ironheart #9 brings back a classic icon to the tale; Tony Stark. It also gives Riri a chance to meet a contemporary of hers; Princess Shuri. Both interactions are a delight for fans, though naturally both go very differently from one another.

Crossovers can be tough. Sometimes they’ll be comical, but miss some of the vital elements that make our beloved characters who and what they are. This series managed to do justice to both named characters listed and overall made for a fun issue.

One highlight of this crossover was the chance given to Riri to see a life that is very different from her own, yet similar enough to truly strike a chord within her. The emotions expressed at these moments were subtle and understated and masked by Riri’s instant reflex to shield her feelings. It made for a very moving scene.

Review: How IRONHEART #9 Brings Two Tech Geniuses Together 3
Our two Iron themed heroes on the same page? Yes, please!

The crossovers may have dominated the focus, but the plot moved forward along the way. Riri’s hunt is still active and has been made ever the clearer that she must find and stop the cause to this mess sooner rather than later.

Eve L. Ewing has done an amazing job writing this series so far. You can tell that she really enjoys the story she’s telling. She’s taking risks with the character, which is always appreciated, while also trying to stick to her roots. It’s a tough balance, but one that has been found nonetheless.

Review: How IRONHEART #9 Brings Two Tech Geniuses Together 4
We have just as many questions about how Tony managed this one.

Supporting Ewing’s writing is the amazing artwork from Luciano Vecchio (pencils) and Matt Milla (coloring). Together they bring a sense of vibrancy to this world. This issue, in particular, was a standout one; thanks to the new world they were able to place Riri in.

The artists particularly excelled when it came to rendering Shuri and Wakanda – these elements were striking and iconic, in every way that they should always be. It made for a stark contrast to Riri’s vibrant colored technology that she carries with her always.

Credit should also be given to Geoffo for the layout in this issue, and you can see the extra attention given to the layout of some of these panels. And of course, VC’s Clayton Cowles once again knocked the lettering out of the park.

Review: How IRONHEART #9 Brings Two Tech Geniuses Together 5
The reflection on Ironheart’s helmet truly does add to the scene.

Ironheart #9 took Riri out of her comfort zone, but in doing so gave her a chance to experience something new, while hopefully obtaining a new ally along the way. Combining these new interactions with the continuation of the plot was a good call – it kept the pace going steadily, while also holding our attention.

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