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How MS. MARVEL VOL. 1 Found A Way Into Our Hearts

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 is the start to an all new character, Kamala Khan. Her character is refreshingly human and unique, and that is why we love her so.

Review: OUTLAWED #1 Plunges Marvel Into Another Civil War

It looks like Marvel Comics is entering another Civil War.

The Steel Age Of Comics: Renaming And Predicting The Modern Ages

The Steel Age of Comics is a working title for the comic books that came out between 2011 and 2026. But where is this...

THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #12 Brings This Suspenseful Tale To An End

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #12 comes out this week from Marvel Comics and brings this suspenseful story to its closure. (Spoilers Ahead) With last month's whirlwind...

THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #11 Is Kamala’s Breaking Point

Out on January 8th from Marvel Comics, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #11 tests the limits of our young hero with this crazy new foe. The...

Kamala Plays “Hyde” And Seek In THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #10

Hitting the shelves this week from Marvel Comics, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #10 keeps us on the edge of our seats with Kamala's father's...


Out this week from Marvel Comics, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9 is both heart-wrenching and uplifting, it will quickly unsettle you but gradually bring...

How FEARLESS #4 Concludes A Memorable Series

Fearless #4 concludes this adventurous series, bringing with it a shocking amount of impact and vital messages for readers young and old.

Review: An Alliance of Heroes in FEARLESS #3

Fearless #3 is full of brilliant characters, plots, and artwork; giving us the best heroines and artists Marvel has to offer, and rejoicing in that fact.