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Michael Moreci

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Review: THE LOST CARNIVAL Is A Near-Perfect YA Graphic Novel

THE LOST CARNIVAL, available from DC on May 5, is a YA-focused graphic novel about an adventure in the early life of Dick Grayson....

Review – HEXAGON #2: The Tutorial Ends And The Main Story Begins

Hexagon #2 is the issue where the series' main plot truly begins. Whereas the previous issue is about character introductions, this issue highlights how...

Review: ARCHANGEL 8 #1 A Dark And Thoughtful Thriller

A successfully engaging first issue with gorgeous artwork and smart lettering throughout. Archangel 8 does everything you would expect a first issue to do

C2E2 Aftermath: Tom Bilyeu Talks Publishing And HEXAGON

Tom Bilyeu, the founder Impact Theory, which has expanded into comic book publishing was at C2E2 this past weekend and talked with Monkeys Fighting...

Review: HEXAGON #1 – 80s Nostalgia For A New Crowd

Hexagon #1 is the start of a new series by publisher Impact Theory. After something like Neon Future however, Impact is going to need...

It’s Time For Some Honesty In WASTED SPACE #13

Wasted Space #13 is an emotionally jarring and powerful read, one that pushes the characters and readers past the limits.

Review: MALL #4 Is Filled With Action and Revelations

Vault's Mall #4 by Michael Moreci, Gary Dauberman, Zac Hartong, Addison Duke and Jim Campbell brings the title to its penultimate chapter in an...

WASTED SPACE #11: The Psychological Trials of A Tortured Soul in Space

Wasted Space #11 pushes Billy and his cohorts to the extreme. This is a tale full of twists, turns, and an entire bucketful of tumultuous experiences.

MALL #2 Fantastically Builds Upon Its Terrifying Future

Vault Comics continues its streak of great comics with Wednesday’s Mall #2, which includes equal shares of world building and action. If you haven’t read Mall...