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RUNAWAYS #25: Who Is Doc Justice?

Runaways #25 brings the foreshadowing game to a whole new level; throwing concerning hints left and right for the readers to pick up on.

How Adjustments Are Made in RUNAWAYS #24

Runaways #24 is full of character depth and development – with everyone so preoccupied on their own goals that they’ve forgotten what brought them together. But it feels like there’s a reminder looming on the horizon.

An Emotional Time in RUNAWAYS #23

The Runaways #23 was a somber issue, covering a lot of intense subjects and overall finally discussing the elephant in the room. What it lacked in action it made up for in emotion.

WAR OF THE REALMS Wraps Up Flawlessly

Jason Aaron's massive epic, WAR OF THE REALMS, comes to a close with issue #6. It all comes down to the multiple Odinson's to stop Malekith's reign of terror.

WAR OF THE REALMS #5 And Why This Event Is A Cut Above The Rest

War Of The Realms is a return to form for Marvel events, it's an instant classic that just has fun being a Marvel comic book. This is should be the blueprint for large-scale comic book crossover events going forward; hopefully DC is paying attention as well.

WAR OF THE REALMS #4 – Heavy Tolls & Monumental Returns

WAR OF THE REALMS rages on with issue #4 in spectacular fashion. Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman's chemistry continues to elevate this event to a place that Marvel hasn't had any real estate in for some time.

WAR OF THE REALMS #3 Moves Away From Manhattan

The WAR OF THE REALMS train keeps on rollin' forward at a furious and brutal pace. Issue #3 takes us away front the front line and across the universe.

WAR OF THE REALMS #2 Keeps Its Foot On The Gas Pedal

Jason Aaron's massive epic WAR OF THE REALMS continues in the explosive second issue. The heroes of Marvel's universe are all that remains against Malekith's crusade to rule all realms.

WAR OF THE REALMS #1: An Epic 7 Years In The Making

The God of Thunder himself, Jason Aaron, brings us his massive Marvel crossover story. WAR OF THE REALMS finally begins and assumes control of Marvel's 616 universe.