In Wolverine #6, Percy and company write more than just a crossover tie-in issue, giving readers one of the strongest issues in the series to date!
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Review: WOLVERINE #6 Is More Than Just An X Of Swords Tie-In!

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Wolverine #6 is out this week from Marvel Comics. Writer Benjamin Percy, artist Viktor Bogdanovic, colorist Matthew Wilson, and letterer VC’s Cory Petit present part three of 22 “X of Swords,” Logan seeks out the Muramasa blade, the weapon he will wield in Otherworld’s contest of champions. However, he is not the only one who pursues the blade.

Percy comes strong out of the gate, giving readers what may be the strongest written issue in this series to date. Past arcs have taken a while to pick up steam, but this is a tightly written issue. Add to that the fact that he has to pivot away from the story he’s been setting up in order to participate in this X-Men mega-crossover, but Percy steers into the skid, telling one of Logan’s most personal stories yet.

This issue starts bold from the very first page. Percy’s prose about hell hits hard. It is succinct and visceral, capturing Wolverine’s durability, as he does whatever it takes and endures any trial to succeed in his mission. Petit does an excellent job of wrapping the lettering around a beautifully drawn and colored scene by Bogdanovic and Wilson that contains one of the most compelling images in the book — Wolverine’s claws slowly emerging from a fiery pit of lava…literally in hell!

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Bogdanovic’s work here is subtle with just the tip of Logan’s claws emerging, but they are accentuated by Wilson’s colors, whose slight tint of red on the claws make them appear to be glowing from the heat. The way this image takes up half of the first page really draws readers in right from the beginning with its evocative imagery.

The entire story is framed around Logan’s emerging from the lava. This serves to capture Logan’s unkillability and determination as he walks through the fires of hell itself!  As we arrive at the second to last page, we are again treated to another powerful but haunting Wolverine image.

The skull Bogdanovic draws provokes feelings of horror as Wilson’s colors in Logan’s eyes show that, despite having all of his flesh and most of his vital organs burned away, there is a soul alive inside of him.

This issue was very much a trial by fire (literally!) for Wolverine. Percy’s writing has never been stronger, while Bogdanovic and Wilson draw and color some gorgeous if at times, horrific imagery that fits both the moodiness and low-grade horror of the title. Petit’s letters provide the reader with compelling dialogue and exposition without crowding or weighing down the story.

Wolverine #6 is another solid chapter in the “X of Swords” mega-event, with Logan’s journey continuing in X-Force #13.

What did you think of Wolverine #6? Are you enjoying “X of Swords?” Tell us in the comments below!

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