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Jim Campbell

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TARTARUS #2 Continues to be The Next Epic, Must Read Series

When your first issue is a damn masterpiece, it's hard to follow up with the same quality, yet Image Comics Tartarus #2 proves that...

The Plot Thickens in FIREFLY #15

Firefly #15 continues this surprising string of events, letting Sheriff Mal Reynolds deal with the dangers that come with patrolling his sector.

Review: ALIENATED #2 Demonstrates That Alien Power Corrupts The Most

Spurrier and Wildgoose are on to a winner with this blend of 1980’s science-fiction movie and modern social commentary

The Aftermath of War in FIREFLY #14

Firefly #14 is a unique read set in a world that fans have come to love. The emotional toll may be high in this issue, but so is the intrigue.

Review: ALIENATED #1

The artwork is beautifully designed and laid out with great coloring and lettering that lead you through the narrative effortlessly.

Schemes and Shenanigans Galore in FIREFLY #13

Firefly #13 is the most surprising issue of the series, with Mal seeing a major change in his carrier. Fans can’t help but wonder what the con is.

It’s Time For Some Honesty In WASTED SPACE #13

Wasted Space #13 is an emotionally jarring and powerful read, one that pushes the characters and readers past the limits.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree in TARTARUS #1

The science-fiction tale of a daughter paying for her mother's sins bursts elegantly to comic shelves February 12th in Image Comics' newest series, TARTARUS...

A Changing of the Minds in STEEPLE #5

Steeple #5 is the dramatic and shocking conclusion to the series, full of revelations, twists, and perhaps an opportunity for more.