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Jim Amash

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Review: Sonic vs. Shadow in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #6

Both Shadow and Rogue operate in a way which fans will say feels familiar and distinct to both of them. Also, the twist at the end helps to enforce Flynn has a definite plan for where the series is going.


This reintroduction of characters continues with the introduction of the Chaotix and their new role in this world. Charmy, Espio, and Vector are now working as detectives. This helps give them a unique purpose especially since they were Knuckles strike team in the original comic series. It’s good they are getting a bit of individual identity moving forward which will allow them a chance to aid in the story with their role as investigators. This usefulness is proven as they discover what became of Dr. Eggman.

Full Speed Ahead With SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #1

Something which may have become more mundane and repetitive in the original series here seems like a return to a better moment in the franchise. Also, the slow introduction of the important characters seems much more preferable to an entire first issue which would be nothing but reintroducing characters from the franchise.