Monkeys Fighting Robots

The sixth issue of Sonic the Hedgehog from IDW Comics features the return of Sonic’s doppelganger like opponent, Shadow The Hedgehog. Will these two enemies rip each other apart in a way which entertains the readers or one which lets them down?


Sonic vs. Shadow with the winner deciding the fate of the new Dr. Eggman.


This issue almost feels like both Sonic and Shadow are holding back. As if they weren’t fighting to their absolute limit. It’s a good fight but still feels like it could have been more intense. Considering it’s the first meeting of the characters in this new universe a future battle will hopefully allow the two characters to engage in a more knockdown and drag out skirmish.

Writer Ian Flynn does keep presenting the character behaviors and manners perfectly with each issue. Both Shadow and Rogue operate in a way which fans will say feels familiar and distinct to both of them. Also, the twist at the end helps to enforce Flynn has a definite plan for where the series is going.

Sonic The Hedgehog


The art is serviceable but isn’t as entrancing as it has been in previous issues. The pencils by Tracy Yardley presents the characters in a very recognizable fashion but some panels feel just a bit too comical and loose considering their is a battle between rivals going on close by. Impressive work but just seems off here and there.

The ink work by Jim Amash aids in the definition of the character with the undefined panel work the issue employs. The inks help to give the art a structure it otherwise lacks.

The colors employed by Matt Herms are as vibrant and distinct as ever. Once again they cement the action and help to reinforce the concept of Sonic’s amazing speed.

The lettering by Shawn Lee results in the perfect effect of helping to nail the comedic dialogue which is presented in this issue. It also helps to deliver Sonic and his catchy wit in a very impressive manner.


The IDW Sonic The Hedgehog series hasn’t yet turned in a completely terrible issue. This one is less than perfect compared to the recent developments but still very entertaining. The reveal at the end showcases the ideal cliffhanger to keep the fans questioning what will happen next.