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After the cancellation of the long running Archie Comic series, fans were in dismay over the future of Sonic the Hedgehog comics. But IDW was quick to obtain the license and promised a brand new future for the character. Now the comic is here but will it measure up to all fans were hoping for?


Sonic The Hedgehog and Tails must stop a group of rough robots from destroying a city and find out who is behind it all.


The surprise about this book is how quickly it is able to capture the reader. By the first page, the setup of “Dr. Eggman is missing” is spelled out. The main character’s arch nemesis is missing but robots are still attacking innocent people. The set up is smooth and grabs the reader right away by making them question what is going on and lets the fans begin to wonder what will come of the series.

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The writing by Ian Flynn is solid and offers a more back-to-basics element for the new series. The first issue is mostly Sonic and Tails fighting robots and protecting citizens. Something which may have become more mundane and repetitive in the original series here seems like a return to a better moment in the franchise. Also, the slow introduction of the important characters seems much more preferable to an entire first issue which would be nothing but reintroducing characters from the franchise.

Sonic The Hedgehog


The art team behind this issue was able to capture a great look of previous Sonic The Hedgehog comics, but also help to make it unique. The pencils by Tracey Yardley helps to perfectly capture the movements from the original video games. The inks from Jim Amash and Bob Smith offer great detail for the characters when contrasted against the different backgrounds. The color work by Matt Herms helps to accentuate the flow of the actions scenes perfectly. Lastly, the lettering by Corey Breen perfectly helps Sonic and Tails to find a voice which is familiar to what has been seen before but still fresh and entertaining.


It’s amazing how much fun this single issue offers. Though it’s not the most thrilling issue ever, it sets up a good world with a lot of fun characters. It showcases how the publisher is trying to make it their own but not forget the roots of what caused the previous series to have over 200 issues. The inclusion of letters and fan art is a nice touch and is a great call back to the extras which were offered in the original Archie series. It’s a new day with Sonic the Hedgehog #1, and his fans can happily welcome the return of the blue blur to comics.