Monkeys Fighting Robots

Sonic The Hedgehog from IDW Comics had an exceptional introduction with an issue a week being released in April, but now with the series going into a monthly release schedule, it will be put to the test. Will it survive the use of a common storytelling trope?


With the help of the Chaotix, Sonic The Hedgehog is able to come face to face with his old nemesis, Dr. Eggman!


The reintroduction of characters continues with the debut of the Chaotix and their new role in this world. Charmy, Espio, and Vector are now working as detectives. This gives them a unique purpose, especially since they were Knuckles’ strike team in the original comic series. It’s good they are getting a bit of an individual identity moving forward, which will allow them a chance to aid in the story with their role as investigators. This usefulness is proven as they discover what became of Dr. Eggman.

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Writer Ian Flynn is portraying Eggman in a way which hasn’t been shown previously. Though it may be a trope but this will offer an interesting element of looking at the character. Also, it showcases Eggman is not the one sitting in the chair ordering the attacks on all the villages Sonic has rescued. A new villain is pulling the strings somewhere.

Sonic the hedgehog


The art team is shown to be working harmony with this issue. The pencil work by Tracey Yardley showcases some great expressions and very animated bits of action. The ink work by Jim Amash helps to add deep intensity between scenes.

The color works by Matt Herms offers a unique way of illustrating the flashbacks. It’s amazing what the use of a right amount of tone helps with showcases events happening in the past. It also adds a very eye-catching element with each turn of the page.

The lettering by Corey Breen allows for the perfect mixture to occur. The dialogue between characters allows for some great moments and the right amount of feedback to come from the sound effects.


A common trope may is used but its written so well the reader shouldn’t care. Sonic The Hedgehog is still on a streak of great issues and with the last page reveal, there will be a lot of action coming towards him and the audience in the next issue.