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Dan McDaid

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Review: JUDGE DREDD 100-PAGE GIANT – From Good To Great

JUDGE DREDD 100-PAGE GIANT is a 4-story anthology highlighting some of the more unique takes on the future law enforcer over the last few...

The End of Another War in FIREFLY #12

Firefly #12 brings Mal's most recent war to an end, in ways that will surprise some fans, but make many others cheer.

FIREFLY #11, AKA Don’t Mess With Mrs. Reynolds

Firefly #11 was a fast-paced issue, full of character interactions and surprises. It's an emotional issue, all around.

FIREFLY #10 Is A Strong Reminder The Battle Never Ends

Firefly #10 is a fast-paced and heartrending issue, a reminder that you can take the soldier away from the war, but you can’t take the war out of the soldier’s heart.

FIREFLY #9 Shows How The Past Is Never Far Behind

Firefly #9 is a poignant reminder that no matter how far Malcolm Reynolds runs, he’ll never escape his past. This dark issue is perfect for fans of Mal and Zoe.

Review: DOOM PATROL #12 Rolls A D20 and Comes Up With A Critical Hit

Doom Patrol #12 jumps into the fantasy genre and continues to explore issues about family as well as the power of storytelling itself in an issue...

BOOM! Studios Announces Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY Comics

Ahead of 2018 San Diego Comic Con, the publisher BOOM! Studios has announced it has acquired the license to Joss Whedon’s Firefly. That’s right, the...