Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #0 is an interesting issue, pulling in completely new and different elements into a series so well known to the fans. Supported by bold and bright artwork, it's one that will make fans stop and think.




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FIREFLY: BLUE SUN RISING #0, available this Wednesday from Boom! Studios, brings with it a cross-over event for the world of Firefly. This issue is the first of two, and only one of several events worth keeping an eye out for.


spoilers ahead

It’s hard to believe that the beloved show, Firefly, has grown its presence in the comic book world enough to warrant a crossover event, and yet that is exactly what is happening here. At least two issues are going to be revolving around the Blue Suns – the latest big bad to enter the universe (and cause Mal no end of problems, naturally).

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Seeing a bit more of this new big and terrifying corporation will prove to be interesting, of course. They’re the replacement for the Alliance, and have proven to bring with them their own series of complications.

That isn’t the only exciting bit of news to be looking forward to this fall. The Blue Sun Rising arc’s release has been carefully timed. For what? To increase the excitement for Firefly’s latest graphic novel, Firefly: Watch How I Soar. Set to release sometime in November, fans can probably guess who this novel is going to follow (hint: it’s Wash).

The Writing

Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #0 isn’t the first deviation from the main plot for Firefly. It isn’t even the first time it’s happened in this latest run. As it turns out, Malcolm Reynolds has been pretty busy as of late, and that’s creating a whole lot more material to write about.

As with the main series, this issue was written by Greg Pak. He’s really taken the world of Firefly and turned it into something of his own making. A fact that couldn’t possibly be clearer in this issue.

It’s interesting to see how much the team has changed over time, but what’s more interesting in this case is watching how the enemies have changed. It’s a depressing thought – the idea of the Alliance merely (and quickly) being replaced with another major antagonist. Yet it’s also painfully realistic.

This new enemy, the Blue Suns, seemed easy to overlook at first. Typical bureaucrats and businessmen. But now…thanks to this crossover event, that’s no longer going to be a possibility. The infusion of hard science fiction elements makes these guys a larger threat than ever. Though at the same time, it feels to be at the cost of some of the original elements and tones that made fans love the series. Only time will tell how it all plays out.

Fans of Kaylee will love this variant cover of Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #0.

The Art

Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #0 contains artwork as bold as the changes within. It really does feel like our characters are fighting for their lives on outer worlds and moons – with nothing but dirt and danger to keep them company.

Dan McDaid took the lead for this issue, working alongside Marcelo Costa (colors) and Jim Campbell (letters). There’s plenty of action to spot, and it admittedly looks even more dramatic thanks to the lovely backdrops, making the darker figures really pop.

The sense of motion and impact is also exceptionally done – especially when there’s an explosion to portray (and this is the Firefly crew we’re talking about…). The final scene portrayed does raise some questions, and eyebrows, as it pulls in elements unfamiliar to Firefly’s series so far.

The ‘Verse is in Flux in Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #0


Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #0 is the start of a new crossover experience for Firefly, and from the looks of it, a whole new complication for the crew. There’s no doubt that what happens here is going to affect the main continuity, the only question is, how will they handle it?

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