Review: DOOM PATROL #12 Rolls A D20 and Comes Up With A Critical Hit


'Doom Patrol' #12 jumps into the fantasy genre and continues to explore issues about family as well as the power of storytelling itself in an issue that lovingly celebrates classic tabletop role-playing games. 
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Doom Patrol #12 jumps into the fantasy genre and continues to explore issues about family as well as the power of storytelling itself in an issue that lovingly celebrates classic tabletop role-playing games.

A quest for adventurers level 16-20! Far beyond the mortal realms, the Reynolds family must overcome their familial challenges in order to claim Lucius�� rightful place as the ruler of the Daemonscape, a place of horror, conflict, and sorcery. It is filled with traps, beasts, difficult challenges, the Five Daemon-Lords of the Crystal Hells and Agantha, a demon trapped in the body of a dead squirrel.

Doom Patrol

Name: Doom Patrol
Level: 12 (Into the Daemonscape)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Young Animal
Dungeon Masters/Players: Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Jeremy Lambert, Dan McDaid, Tamra Bonvillain, Todd Klein and the reader.

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Strength: +5
Dexterity: +5
Constitution: +5
Intelligence: +5
Wisdom: +5
Charisma: +5

Proficiencies: Masterful meta-narrative, magical 2-dimensional and sequential image manipulation, artisanal caligraphy skills and hypotonic color control.

Features, Feats, Equipment & Notes: Doom Patrol has saved reality and it’s many levels multiple times. Uniquely self-aware, Doom Patrol encourages reader participation in exciting new ways. On its latest adventure, the Doom Patrol journeys Into the Daemonscape and explores issues of self-identity and familial bond. As much a classic sword and sorcery story as it is a tale about finding one’s place, Doom Patrol #12 succeeds on both fronts.

Adventure Highlights:

Doom Patrol
The journey begins…

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol
Heroes train…


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