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How The Plan Is Falling Apart In FIREFLY #17

Firefly #17 is an action-packed issue as the not-so-well-laid plans of Malcolm Reynolds begin to crumble.

Review: VLAD DRACUL #1 Contains The Sublime Beauty Of The Dracula Mythos

Vlad Dracul, translated from the original Italian, is an artistic reflection of history and an enjoyable one at that.

How She Finds Her Freedom in STAR #5

Star #5 concludes the series in a dramatic way, while leaving the door open to continue her story.

How A Deal Is Struck In WICKED THINGS #2

Wicked Things #2 brings fans back to a world and characters that they love so much, with Lottie at the forefront of this adventure.

How Stories Come To Life In ONCE & FUTURE #8

Once & Future #8 is about to delve into a whole new story, one which will thrill fans, and terrify the characters within.

How A Wicked Plan Unfolds In MIRKA ANDOLFO’S MERCY #3

Mercy #3 is a harrowing experience as the monster continues her beautiful dance towards destruction.

A Tale of Betrayal And Magic In NOMEN OMEN #6

Nomen Omen #6 dives into the thrills and chills that come alongside magic in a disturbing display of power and vengeance.

When Good Plans Turn Dark In BATGIRL #46

Batgirl #46 merges past and present together for Barbara Gordon, all while leaving fans in a fit of anxiety.

Review: ANGEL + SPIKE #11 Where Brooding And Fighting Evil Go Hand In Hand

This issue of Angel is packed with character development and the world Hill is building is both familiar and brand new.