‘SUPERGIRL’ S4 Ep. 5 Review: “Parasite Lost”

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“Parasite Lost” is a lot like “Ahimsa,” last week’s episode. The episode-specific story is probably the weakest element of the action. However, SUPERGIRL balances it out with more momentum with its side characters. Supergirl could be a bigger player in the episode, but compared to last episode, she’s coming back into the light.

The episode focuses largely on the way bigotry towards aliens seeps into society. The way SUPERGIRL carries this theme through “Parasite Lost” helps elevate the weaker elements. Kara and J’onn’s adventures in foiling the NOTEBOOK-y family drama was too hokey to land. However, the way it informs Kara’s life as a journalist made it personal. “Ahimsa” made an ARROW-like mistake by pushing Kara to the edge of the action. “Parasite Lost” doesn’t put her back front and center, but it’s a step in the right direction. Clearly, this is an episode with actual stakes for our Girl of Steel.

SUPERGIRL, “Parasite Lost” (copyright CW)

The centerpieces of “Parasite Lost” are James Olsen and Alex Danvers. Both find new instances of alien bigotry in their lives, in various forms. Olsen finds his work as Guardian tainted by Ben Lockwood’s anti-alien spin. Danvers is shocked when her new superior, Colonel Lauren Haley, is disgusted by J’onn J’onzz’s alien identity. These two characters have clear-cut stories within the episode, that show them adapting to the new terrain. Supergirl keeps good company, as her crew boosts the series once again.

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There was also some interesting work done with Agent Liberty. Lockwood’s fanaticism gets more fleshed out, as does his human side. Granted, Lockwood is still clearly a villain. However, the way he expresses concern and anger with Jensen is interesting. Without the distraction of the Graves twins, Lockwood gets more shine. It’s clear he’s gone mad with his anger, but he’s still capable of compassion for his fellow man. It doesn’t make him any less evil, just like Jensen’s realization didn’t save him. But this element to Lockwood’s character is enough to make him a deeper villain, far more interesting than those that have come before.


“Parasite Lost” isn’t a perfect episode, but SUPERGIRL is getting back to form. So many moving parts of the episode hit home. James preparing to BLACKKKLANSMAN the Children of Liberty, Alex’s raised & dashed expectations, and J’onn’s P.I. turn. This episode has a lot of strengths, and it’s a surprising shame Supergirl is the weakest element. However, this season is still fresh, and the show definitely knows its stuff. With “Parasite Lost,” SUPERGIRL raises hopes & expectations for what will come next.

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