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Jamie is your typical middle-aged father of 2 wonderful children in the Tampa Bay area. His eldest daughter is in middle school and his son will be starting the 5th grade next year. When faced with the growing costs of raising a family and going back to school for his Masters Degree, he knew that he had to cut some expenses. After sitting down with his wife (Beth), they both agreed that the 1st thing to go would be the cable- they were going to “cut the cord” with cable and not look back. When asked about this Jamie told me “the only thing that I miss is live sports.”

Jamie is part of a growing trend of Americans who are tired of paying the rising costs dictated to the American public by the cable companies. With the advent of streaming services (Netflix,Amazon Prime, Hulu,Sling TV, HBO NOW, Apple TV, ..etc) it’s becoming easier and easier to step away from cable and as long you have internet service you still have a multitude of entertainment options. The threat of families just cutting ties with cable has become so real that in Michigan, Comcast has started offering free services like a voice controlled remote to entice people to stay. However, when it comes down to is the all mighty dollar and if a growing family can save money while being entertained still they will most likely do just that.

A lot of the traditionalists (those who are into cable) will tell you that the quality of program on cable is far superior. Netflix boasts a lineup that includes – House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,Bloodline, and Daredevil (just to name a few) and has brought home multiple awards for its programming. Amazon Prime has developed cutting edge television like Transparent staring Jeffrey Tambor who won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy. Big Hollywood A list movie actors like Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler are signing exclusive movie deals with Netflix which many in the movie industry are calling a game changer.

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In the past , one could have made the argument that if you wanted cutting edge programs you had to have cable but that simply isn’t the case anymore. With the array of quality programs that are available to us via streaming services, one could argue that by cutting the cord with cable you are cutting out the clutter of bad television and getting right to the good stuff.

Netflix is starting to pull away as one of the leaders in original programing
Netflix is starting to pull away as one of the leaders in original programming



Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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