Once again the artwork behind Strayed #3 blows us away, all while giving us a better idea of what is happening in this world (or rather, universe).

STRAYED #3 – A Tale Full Of Revelations And Plotting

STRAYED #3, out this Wednesday from Dark Horse comics is the tale of an astral projecting cat – and his journey to find new worlds. This issue will stab at the hearts of cat lovers everywhere while slapping on a bandaid filled with intrigue.

Yet another lovely cover for Strayed.


By now most fans are well aware of the plot behind Strayed. Lou is an adorable cat with the unique ability to astral project. Unfortunately for Lou, where he should be having the time of his life exploring the universe, he’s instead stuck in a horrible situation.

Forced to go on the hunt for new planets to take over, Lou is desperate to make his owner proud. Yet his owner only wants Lou to be free and happy. And healthy. You see, astral projecting has a price, and it’s a hefty one.

And that is where Strayed #3 begins. Lou is once again exploring, though he likely doesn’t know the damage caused by every find he reports. And it’s only a matter of time until the truth comes out. But what can Lou do about the situation? As adorable as he is, he’s just a cat. Right?

The space scenes in this series are truly outstanding.

Strayed is one of those series that will truly tug at the heartstrings of all animal lovers – but especially cat lovers. Seeing Lou’s devotion to his owner is one thing, but then seeing him actively put in danger (through health risks) brings the emotional toll to a whole new level.

So it’s safe to say that Strayed is not a casual and relaxing read. But that’s okay. Instead, it’s perfect for anybody looking to see a whole slew of fascinating new worlds. Or to see a unique take on some science fiction tropes.

Carlos Giffoni is the author of the series, and we’re only now getting to see the long term plan he has for these characters. There’s something much more significant going on behind the scenes. The plot is more than just the human race being its usual greedy selves (though there is that). The story is more than even the love between an owner and her cat.

But Giffoni has taken his time laying out the groundwork for the series. That admittedly resulted in a lot of questions in the earlier parts, but now that we’re getting into the swing of things, it feels like the series is balancing out. Now all of the questions come out of concern for the leading characters.

There are still is a lot left to this tale, naturally. Lou has only just been allowed to realize his role in what was happening. And so far, he hasn’t been given a chance to come to terms with it all. It will be interesting – and perhaps a little heartbreaking – to see how he accepts this information over time. And what he does about it.

Admittedly there is still some room for development, as far as the antagonists are concerned. They feel like flat archetypes, albeit greedy and money-hungry ones. With time the series could potentially push their motives into something truly intimidating. But we’ll have to see how far that goes.

A double-page spread showing off some of the conflict in this series.

As per usual, the artwork behind Strayed #3 is absolutely striking. Honestly, this series is worth reading for the artwork alone. The multitude of unique worlds shown in this series so far has been breathtaking. We’ve seen vibrant worlds full of intricately designed plants, ethereal creatures, all full of effervescent life.

Juan Doe deserves all the credit for how Strayed looks. He’s behind everything, except for the letters, which is done by Matt Krotzer. Doe designs everything from the dynamic lines to vibrant colors. And what he comes up with is truly breathtaking. It leaves us hoping that we’ll see more of space and the many planets available to see just how far his creativity can be pushed.

A new history has been revealed.

Strayed #3 was a surprisingly emotional issue, thanks in part to the way it concluded. Even knowing that things will likely turn out okay (in the short term, at least), it’s hard not to be anxious about what is happening. All while being curious to see how Lou and his owner will get out of their horrid situation. Only time will tell how Lou handles the latest bit of news thrown at him.

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Once again the artwork behind Strayed #3 blows us away, all while giving us a better idea of what is happening in this world (or rather, universe). STRAYED #3 - A Tale Full Of Revelations And Plotting