The End of an Era in STRANGER THINGS: SIX #4


Stranger Things: SIX #4 concludes the series, with a dramatic ending and an unexpected twist.
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STRANGER THINGS: SIX #4 is out this week from Dark Horse Comics, and it concludes the dramatic prequel series. Here we’ll see how Six and her fellow test subjects fair, in a time before Eleven became the major focus.

The End of an Era in STRANGER THINGS: SIX #4 1
The man we love to hate takes center stage on the final cover of Stranger Things: SIX


Stranger Things: SIX #4 brings with it the conclusion to this miniseries, giving us fans the answer to what happened to the test subjects in a time before Eleven became the main focus. As far as prequel series go, this one has been fairly interesting the whole way through.

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The series has followed Six – though she actually had a real name before the program began. Unlike Eleven, she didn’t grow up inside the facility. Perhaps that’s why she was so determined to find a way out.

Not all fans love adaptations like these or even prequels. So this series isn’t for everyone. But for anybody that’s wanted to learn a bit more about the people who came before Eleven, this series is worth checking out.

The End of an Era in STRANGER THINGS: SIX #4 2
A retro title page that fits the style of the series.

Jody Hauser was the writer for Stranger Things: SIX #4 and she wrapped up this plot perfectly. The tone felt distressing similar to another tale of the time – the one where Eleven’s (Jane) mother tried to run a rescue mission.

There was always a bit of a limiter on this series, as the characters that are shown here couldn’t be more powerful than Eleven (because why else would they have moved on to her). But Hauser managed to make Six’s powers interesting – and to give her enough of a reason to want to run.

The final issue tied back together with the Netflix series in stronger ways than we’d seen previously. It really took the tale full circle – reminding us of the timeline, and what was soon to follow. It was both satisfying and distressing, for obvious reasons.

The End of an Era in STRANGER THINGS: SIX #4 3
Well, that’s an attention grabber!

Stranger Things: SIX #4 had a large creative team making it work. Edgar Salazar was brought on for the pencils, while Keith Champagne did the inks. Marissa Louise did the coloring for this issue, and Nate Piekos of Blambot joined to do the lettering.

The end result of all that work? Stranger Things: SIX ended up looking and feeling remarkably like the Netflix series it originated from. The characters don’t quite feel like they were pulled from screen to paper – but it was a near thing. The creative team kept the series flowing organically, preventing most of the issues that arise visually from this sort of adaptation.

Six’s visions, in particular, were striking, and easily the most memorable moments (visually) in the issue. Especially the one that started off this issue. It was certainly an effective way to grab our attention!

The End of an Era in STRANGER THINGS: SIX #4 4
The time to escape is now.

Stranger Things: SIX #4 brought this series full circle. Now we can say that we know the tale of Six, and how her story tied in with the larger plot shown in the Netflix series. In many ways, this series did capture the tone and feel of the series, while also being its own unique tale. And for that reason, we feel like this was a strong adaptation.

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