How STEEPLE #1 Launches a New Series


Steeple #1 has an interesting plot, and beautiful artwork to support it. Combined with unique and intriguing characters, this series will hold your attention.
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STEEPLE #1 is the start of an all-new series from Dark Horse, out this Wednesday. Get ready for a world of ghost and ghoulies, with only an understaffed church standing as protection against the dark.

How STEEPLE #1 Launches a New Series 1
A dramatic cover for a first issue; gets your attention, doesn’t it?


Steeple #1 is the start of a new series, and the cover art alone is likely enough to draw in a few new readers right away. They say that Tredregyn is a land that the sea (or the devils) want back. And they would be right. Here only one lonely priest stands between the land and the beasts that wish to take it back.

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That is until Billie Baker came to town. She’s an over-enthusiastic priest in training. And while she asked for a difficult assignment – she probably didn’t have this in mind. But already we can tell that she’s not the type to give up or run away.

How STEEPLE #1 Launches a New Series 2
An iconic cover, full of lots of promises.

John Allison is the writer and lead artist behind this project; which explains why the whole issue felt so cohesive. The first issue didn’t waste any time in introducing the plot, main characters, or the setting (which in this case is actually fairly important). Yet, despite all of that being established, this issue didn’t feel dry in the least.

Steeple #1 found plenty of time to let our characters shine, and to sneak in some witty or comedic moments as well. And then, of course, there’s the intensity of the fighting and implied threat. It all balances out very well.

How STEEPLE #1 Launches a New Series 3
A car bursting into flames as you head to a new job…no that’s not ominous at all.

Also involved in the artwork was Sarah Stern, who provided the colors for this issue. Together, Allison and Stern bring this world full of demons and ghouls to life. And the end result is something shockingly charming.

The characters portrayed are all unusual but in subtle ways. And then there are the monsters themselves, which are worth taking a look at. So far they’re leaning more towards classic b list horror than truly haunting, but that fits the tone of this series perfectly.

Lastly, Jim Campbell provided the lettering for this issue. His final touches allowed the story to flow in an organic way. The thought boxes weren’t in the least bit intrusive, which is always fantastic to see.

How STEEPLE #1 Launches a New Series 4
Hesitation turns into a rescue.

Steeple looks like it’ll be perfect for any readers looking for a fun and quirky escape. The series is full of energy and life, yet has plenty of twists and turns in store for readers. That promises for an entertaining read, while still being relaxing in its own way.

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