Steeple #4 is a fun and interesting issue, full of character development and questions.

Temptations and Trickeries in STEEPLE #4

STEEPLE #4, out this Wednesday from Dark Horse Comics, is full of witches, spells, familiars, temptations, and trickery. It’s an issue that is sure to be a laugh, all while the characters find themselves questioning their long-held biases and beliefs.

Things are looking a bit awkward on the cover of Steeple #4.


The second to last issue of Steeple is here, and it’s full of fun little twists and turns. Oh! And did we mention all of the witches? Tredregyn is about to host Witchfest – which is exactly what it sounds like. It seems this town is not as quiet as they want you to think.

Steeple #4 is an issue in which the characters are constantly finding themselves confronted with their choices and biases. In a world full of moral gray areas, that shouldn’t be terribly shocking. After all, hardly anything is as black or white as we’d like to think it is.

Monsters and cosplayers and witches, oh my!

The Plot

Steeple #4 was an interesting issue, all things considered. Though it’s hard to imagine how they’re going to wrap up the series from here. With Witchfest hot on the horizon, Billie has found herself wrapped up in the whole ordeal. That sort of thing tends to happen if you sign up for every volunteer opportunity without reading the fine print.

John Allison has managed to introduce us to a world where nothing is quite as it seems. The monsters coming out of the ocean weren’t monstrous – they only looked that way. And perhaps the members of the church of Satan aren’t all that bad either. At least one of them was at risk of getting picked up by the rapture.

The fourth issue in this series has a lot of reveals and changes to make. Some of these reveals are quite surprising, while others actually fit in perfectly with the characters we’ve been introduced to thus far. It’s yet another example of how people can have many layers.

What is fascinating about this issue is the number of questions it raises. While the characters are forced to confront their own assumptions and temptations, we’re also left asking about our own lines drawn in the sand. It’s a fascinating approach to storytelling, but one that is delightfully thought-provoking.

The Artwork

Steeple #4 was written by John Allison, obviously. But it was also drawn by him. And he has such a unique art style as well. His characters are full of life and personality. Some of them are awkward and gawky, while others have this air of confidence around them. Its impressive seeing how much of all of that becomes infused into the artwork.

There are perhaps a few highlights of this issue. The panels full of storytelling were particularly hilarious to read, especially as they showcased exaggerated telling of the Reverend’s adventures. The magical portrayal (remember: Witchfest) were also fascinatingly done, leaving readers hoping to see just a bit more of that.

Sarah Stern was the colorist for this issue. And her infusion of color was exactly what this series needed. She wasn’t afraid to stay with muted colors when needed. But given the excuse to go bold or bright, she didn’t hesitate. That’s perhaps why the magical scenes ended up looking so good.

And finally, Jim Campbell was the letterer for this issue. And there’s a lot to be impressed with here. Though the posters and billboards are sorts of taking center stage this time around. They’re hilarious.


Steeple #4 was another charming addition to this series. Each and every character is developing in their own way – but none of them are following a predictable path. The end result has been something fascinating and unique. And it will be a shame when it all ends.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Steeple #4 is a fun and interesting issue, full of character development and questions. Temptations and Trickeries in STEEPLE #4