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The new animated series Star Wars Resistance is almost here and we’re officially nerding out. Always playing their cards close to the vest, the Disney Channel just announced the official synopsis for the first five episodes.

Star Wars Resistance is from the talented mind of Dave Filoni (creator), along with art direction provided by the experienced and battle-tested Amy Beth Christenson. The series focuses on an elite pilot squadron of the Resistance called The Aces, who reside on a water-based platform called the Colossus somewhere in the Outer Rim.

Star Wars Resistance Synopsis For Episodes 1-4

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Watch The Aces trailer for Star Wars Resistance.

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Episode 1 & 2: “The Recruit”

“X-wing pilot Kazuda Xiono is recruited for the Resistance but finds himself in over his head when Poe Dameron assigns him to a remote fueling station to spy on the First Order. Then, after Kaz boasts about being the best pilot around, he is forced to compete in a dangerous sky race.”

Star Wars Resistance Animated Series
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It’s smart on Filoni’s part to incorporate Poe Dameron in the first episode. Plus, it seems like the show isn’t wasting any time getting to the racing aspect of the series. It should provide a substantial introduction to the main protagonist Kaz while letting the audience get adjusted to this new aspect of the Star Wars universe.

“The Recruit,” premieres October 7th.

Episode 2: “The Triple Dark”

“Kaz and BB-8 uncover information on an imminent pirate attack and must find a way to stop it.”

Torra Doza and Kaz in Star Wars Resistance
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Poe obviously isn’t wasting time, sending Kaz and BB-8 off on a mission almost immediately. Could this pirate attack have connections to characters from Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars? Perhaps Filoni will drop a couple Easter eggs. Considering Star Wars Resistance might be following the same blueprint as Rebels, we’re hoping for a few nostalgic callbacks.

“The Triple Dark,” airs October 14th.

Episode 3: “Fuel for the Fire”

“Kaz befriends a sky racer named Rucklin who pressures him to take some rare and dangerous hyperfuel hidden in Yeager’s office.”

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While on the surface this seems like a filler episode, the episode will guest star Elijah Wood as Jace Rucklin. Filoni has a unique way of making filler content entertaining while deepening character development. Since Kaz gets in the action right off the bat, we’re looking forward to how this episode peels back his layers.

“Fuel for the Fire,” premieres October 21st.

Episode 4: “The High Tower”

“The First Order arrives at the platform for mysterious reasons and Kaz and BB-8 are determined to sneak into the tower to find out what they want.”

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Donald Faison is officially listed as a guest, meaning we’ll get a good look at his character Hype Fazon. Captain Phasma could also be first introduced in “The High Tower” too, which is fine by us. Although, it’d be nice if the Kylo Ren rumors were true and we got to see him as well.

“The High Tower,” airs October 28th.

Image via Disney Channel and Lucasfilm

Watch the first trailer for the new animated Star Wars Resistance show.

Star Wars Resistance will air at 10 pm EST on October 7, 2018. The new animated series airs on the Disney Channel, Disney XD, and other Disney platforms.

Do the episodic synopsis for Star Wars Resistance have you excited or feeling blah? Let us know in the comment section below.

“May the Force be with you, always.”

Source: The Disney Channel

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