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Sony announced plans several years ago for a shared cinematic universe revolving around Spider-Man, scheduling films like The Sinister Six and Venom. The projects were in development for some time, but the failure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 left their fates uncertain. Plans were further complicated when Sony struck a deal with Marvel Studios to incorporate Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, the studio has announced a plan to revive the Venom solo movie, something that will be “a franchise apart from and unrelated to the upcoming Spider-Man movie in the works with actor Tom Holland.”

Virtually nothing is known yet about Venom, other than its standalone nature. However, even that is enough information to spark a few initial thoughts, predictions, and concerns about the flick!

Origin Concerns

Venom Origin

Venom’s comic book origins are deeply rooted in Spider-Man mythology. The black symbiote first belonged to Peter Parker, plaguing him during The Alien Costume Saga. It wasn’t until Peter rejected the alien that it attached itself to Eddie Brock, who harbored his own resentment against the webslinger. Their combined hatred is what led them to become Venom.

But Venom will have no ties to the latest Spider-Man, so how will the filmmakers explain the symbiote’s existence? Will the alien simply fall from the sky and find a host, like in Spider-Man 3? Will it be a lab experiment gone wrong, like in Ultimate Spider-Man?

Perhaps it will be the result of military testing, which would make sense if the following prediction comes true…

Flash Thompson Will Be Venom’s Host

Venom Flash Thompson

Eddie Brock was the first Venom, but his sole purpose was to destroy Spider-Man. He was very much a supporting character that was at his best when bouncing off of Peter Parker. So it’s doubtful that the filmmakers would be able to utilize Brock effectively, since the project is meant to be independent of Spider-Man. It is much more likely that they will use the symbiote’s fourth host, Flash Thompson, instead (skipping the third host, Mac Gargan, completely).

Flash is a soldier who lost his legs in the Iraq War. He agrees to bond with the alien symbiote, regains his limbs, and continues to serve his country as Agent Venom. That sounds like the perfect setup for the character’s solo movie. It doesn’t have to be tied in with any other characters, and can sustain a franchise.

Granted, Flash is also deeply rooted in Spider-Man’s history; he was Peter Parker’s high school bully. But it would be much simpler to separate him from Spider-Man than it would be with Eddie Brock.

Food For Thought: Venom May Turn Out To Be Sony’s Deadpool

Venom Deadpool

X-Men Origins: Wolverine bastardized Deadpool in 2009. The odds of a solo movie plummeted after the movie flopped. Moreover, fans didn’t even want another solo movie after it flopped. But Fox rebooted the X-Men franchise, placed their trust in the filmmakers’ hands, and 2016’s Deadpool has been a smash hit.

Who is to say that Sony can’t accomplish the same goal with Venom? The memories of Spider-Man 3 and Topher Grace as Venom are spoiling fans’ expectations of a completely unrelated film. Judgement simply needs to be withheld until some actual details or footage are divulged.

Plus, if it is Sony’s Deadpool, how awesome would an R-rated Venom be?

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