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The crossover event “Shattered Grid” from Boom! Studios has arrived with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25. Is it everything fans were hoping for or does it break at the start?


With Lord Drakkon on the loose, the Rangers must find a way to track him down. Meanwhile, Tommy and Kimberly go on a date to take their minds off the impending danger.


A good first issue to a crossover event is meant to set up the stakes and place the characters in a situation which seems perilous. It offers the beginning of a plot which dictates the need for the characters from the different books to come together to stop whatever evil is unfolding. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 succeeds with flying colors. It is the perfect setup and writer Kyle Higgins makes a point to show this event is the real deal and no one is safe. Events in this issue will have the reader’s jaw dropping and wondering what will happen next. Definitely a very successful first issue to this event.

The issue takes into account many different elements from the Power Rangers franchise. Ninjor, Blue Centurion, and the Time Rangers all make appearances. It is abundantly clear, Higgins plans to to no longer follow the events from the original Power Rangers TV show and things will play out in the own unique way though the comic book storyline. This helps to cement the comic as being essential reading for the fans.

Power Rangers


The artwork for this issue seems a little off. For the most part, Daniele Di Nicuolo on pencils and Simona Di Gianfelice on inks do a respectable job. It’s the little things though which seem to be off. Many of the facial expressions used in the issue seem awkward and off putting. The actions scenes help to raise the overall score thanks to the color work by Walter Baiamonte.

The lettering by Ed Dukeshire helps some great character scenes to play out. This is especially true with Kimberly and Tommy’s date where you can feel the connection between them but also feel the uncomfortable atmosphere which comes from being on a first date.


This issue is filled with jaw dropping moments. The inclusion of fan-favorite team, the Time Rangers proves to be entertaining but with their introduction, the element of time travel is now in play. Fans will not want to miss this issue or risk falling behind in the story.