X-O Manowar #9 ends this run by bringing together everything readers loved about the run, the characters and dynamics.

Review: X-O MANOWAR #9 -The Thematic Conclusion

X-O Manowar #9, which came out on December 15th, concludes an enjoyable Valiant Entertainment run by celebrating the connections these characters have made.


After X-O Manowar finally manages to settle in as a superhero, his advisor Troy Whitaker takes it all away. How? By using his battle suit’s AI to help take over New York.

X-O Manowar #9: Communicate Don’t Dominate

Dennis Hopeless writes an entertaining story built on the shoulders of every issue before it. It’s always enjoyable for characters like X-O Manowar to look heroic, as a source of inspiration. Everyone Aric has helped comes to his and Shanhara’s aid against Troy, a character who readers love to hate for deceiving their hero. It’s a classic clash of ideologies wrapping up in a manner that makes readers feel good.

Standing Out Amongst Progress

X-O Manowar #9 pageThe art of X-O Manowar #9 continues to be a visual delight for readers. Ruth Redmond makes the dominating green hues of Troy’s technological singularity very eye-catching. Just about every character looks helpless before it. Thankfully, the body language from Emilio Laiso’s pencils and Raffaele Forte’s outlines make major characters stand out for a fighting chance. That’s not even including how Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s word balloons match the emotional state of every word spoken. Plus it is interesting to see the way the singularity speaks through echoing captions.Unique perspective

X-O Manowar #9: A Good Ending

This run concludes with a pretty good ending. It really shows off X-O Manowar as a superhero who can inspire people. Enough to make the characters from prior issues stand out among an otherworldly presence. X-O Manowar #9 is out now, from Valiant Entertainment, at a comic shop near you!

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Review: X-O MANOWAR #9 -The Thematic ConclusionX-O Manowar #9 ends this run by bringing together everything readers loved about the run, the characters and dynamics.