The Harbinger #3 is where this series shines as a beacon for various points of storytelling potential. With a character readers are rooting for and a challenge on the horizon, this series is ready to go into high gear.

Review: THE HARBINGER #3 – Becoming the Hero

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The Harbinger #3, from Valiant Entertainment, is a compelling story about stepping up as a hero. The Harbinger #3 came to stores on December 22nd.


Peter Stanchek is back from the dead. He comes to find a Chicago district under threat of mercenary superheroes, The Warning. And the past he doesn’t remember is causing trouble in the form of the Renegade.

The Harbinger #3: A Hero Emerges

The Harbinger #3 Superhero at the readyBetween writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, The Harbinger #3 begins a compelling Hero’s Journey. After getting to know and love the amnesiac Peter Stanchek, readers will enjoy Peter’s rise to the occasion against the Warning. His new identity of Harbinger comes with a powerful feeling of hope- hope for both the Psiots under oppression and Peter’s redemption. Best of all, his interactions with the Renegade are building up to a big self-confrontation. For now, readers can enjoy seeing the character win as more developments brew on the horizon.

Thrilling Art

Best Harbinger artThroughout The Harbinger #3, Robbi Rodriguez decorates the pages with panels and colors to reflect the plot’s dynamic. At first readers get an orderly 9 panel grid that showcases a steady, if uncertain, pace. Every page following that erupts into moments full of energy from splash pages to spreads showing off Harbinger’s psychic powers. The vigorous colors of Rico Renzi along with the shifting angles of perspective are a sight to behold.

Harbinger eavesdropThen there’s Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s lettering which shows off some stylistic interactions. Aside from the color coded captions with Harbinger and Renegade’s telepathic interactions, the way Harbinger uses his telepathy to spy on the Warning is eye-catching. The warping text gives readers a feeling of dealing with radio static.

Get Into The Harbinger #3

The Harbinger #3 serves as a high point of the series. With Peter Stanchek triumphantly rising as a hero, readers have more to look forward to. The art, story, and characterizations all meld together to form an unforgettable chapter.

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