The Harbinger #2 gets bigger with an intriguing plot and the artwork showing off the difference between great power and the strength to stand against it.

Review: THE HARBINGER #2 – A Conflict on Two Fronts

The Harbinger #2 is where this Valiant Entertainment series really begins. Peter Stanchek’s inner conflict starts tying into a bigger story that’s at work. On November 24th, comes a story about how having power isn’t quite the same as having strength.


Visual reminderPeter Stanchek of the Renegades is back from the dead and only Chicago’s Psiot City inhabitants are happy about it. Now, Peter has to face off against Chicago’s state superheroes and his inner self, The Renegade.

The Harbinger #2: Down With The Renegade!

Between writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, there are two plots brewing. The Harbinger #2 puts a compelling focus on Peter Stanchek’s legacy as “The Renegade.” The last issue introduces readers to The Renegade, an angry, self-loathing thoughtform who represents Peter’s past. While Peter tries to be better than The Renegade by being more moral, we tragically witness some of his shortcomings. This manifests in the form of The Warning, a group of mercenary superheroes who have a bone to pick with Psiots. The violations they enact on Psiots, by stripping the Psiots of their minds, suggests a truly insidious plot; a campaign for ideological gain.

The Harbinger #2 spread

Hyper Expressive Detail

Artist Robbi Rodriguez continues to illustrate some eye-catching artwork in The Harbinger #2. The facial language of the characters gives readers a very good idea of their personalities. Just one look at how the villainous Futurist nonchalantly reacts to Peter’s presence gives readers a glimpse of his scheming. That’s not even including how otherworldly Peter’s powers look, especially with the coloring of Rico Renzi. Unlike the more mundane powers of one civilian, Peter genuinely looks powerful enough to take on the world.

On the note of that civilian Psiot, Young Ago, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou uses his lettering in conjunction with the artists to showcase his powers. The way Young Ago’s words take up so much space and obscure the SWAT Teams demonstrates how much power he has in a situation. In juxtaposition with Psiots standing nonviolently up to these oppressive police forces, Young Ago’s powers might not look as fancy, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own.

Get Involved In The Harbinger #2

The Harbinger #2 is where the series gets really interesting and makes a big impression. A plot is brewing and it all revolves around Peter’s character arc. To go along with this is artwork that demonstrates the flashy powers of these characters. Readers are going to be left waiting expectantly for the next great issue of a story that gets better and better.

Jake Palermo
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The Harbinger #2 gets bigger with an intriguing plot and the artwork showing off the difference between great power and the strength to stand against it.Review: THE HARBINGER #2 - A Conflict on Two Fronts