A gripping story that is beautifully complemented by stunning art, coloring, and lettering.

Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #53.LR – A Confrontation with Morlun

The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR, out now from Marvel Comics, depicts an exciting journey for characters that don’t often get much attention in the series.

About the Book:
Spider-Man was able to set his friends free from the sins that Kindred possessed them with, but at a horrifying cost. Now, to save Peter’s soul, the “Order of the Web” has entered the astral plane with Doctor Strange. Simultaneously, the Sin-Eater, no longer acting under Kindred, is enacting his plan to restore his power: by taking it from the multidimensional being, Morlun. The bait has been laid, so all the Sin-Eater has to do is wait.

The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR Coloring Example

The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR Story

Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg set up The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR to be a continuously entertaining issue from the very start. The issue begins with the story of the Sin-Eater as he hunts the immensely powerful Morlun. In the previous issue, this story had been left off directly before the action, so choosing to begin with it is a smart way to hook readers in. The other plot the issue focused on, with the “Order of the Web” and Doctor Strange, did not immediately jump into the action, so choosing to show it second after the reader was already hooked was brilliant. The issue also featured a gripping ending that leaves the readers wanting to pick up the next issue as soon as possible. These endings that leave the reader in suspense are an easy way to drastically improve any kind of serialized fiction, and Rosenberg and Spencer are the masters of it.


The pencils of The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR were done by Federico Vicentini and Takeshi Miyazawa, and the inks by Vicentini, Miyazawa, and Scott Hanna. The art in the issue is astounding. As Morlun kills the bait that the Sin-Eater has set for him, his forms are so dynamic and vicious that the readers are instantly hooked. Few books are able to grip the reader so near the beginning of an issue, but for the gorgeous art of Vicentini, Miyazawa, and Hanna, that is no problem. The astral plane that the “Order of the Web” enter into was an opportunity for the artists to shine, and they do as a slew of vicious monsters appear. With horrifying features and unnatural movements, the artists are able to easily create some truly monstrous creatures.

The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR Art Example

The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR had the talents of Marcio Menyz and Erick Arciniega for its coloring, and the duo turns the issue into a beautiful spectacle. For scenes in the ordinary world, cooler tones are used, which do wonders to set a darker tone. As the energy rises, brighter, single-colored panels are used to highlight important actions. Menyz and Arciniega also provide some wonderful coloring when characters are in the astral plane. Here, they use gradient backgrounds of dark red and similar colors, giving a strange, otherworldly tone that perfectly fits into the scene.

The lettering of VC’s Ariana Maher in The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR adds significantly to the issue. There is a large amount of variety to her lettering style, and her choices fit perfectly with the scenes they are in. For instance, a monstrous scream is not contained by a typical round word bubble but instead is shown as a long string of letters that sway back and forth. This gives the impression that the scream was not during a stagnant scene. The letters move back and forth, so it gives the impression that the scene’s energy is high. It is brilliant lettering that gives subtle characterization.

The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR Lettering Example


The Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR is an epic, action-filled issue that follows characters we love but don’t often focus on in the series. The art is phenomenal, and the coloring is excellent at establishing tone. The lettering is the perfect complement to it all and is the cherry on top that completes the riveting read.

David Weber
David Weber
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Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #53.LR - A Confrontation with MorlunA gripping story that is beautifully complemented by stunning art, coloring, and lettering.