Intriguing and atmospheric as ever, Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1 is a fine start to this new chapter in Bunn and Crook's acclaimed universe.

Review: TALES FROM HARROW COUNTY: LOST ONES #1 – A Long Way From The Holler

From original series writer Cullen Bunn and returning artist Emily Schnall comes the return of Harrow’s favorite witch in Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1. With letters from original series artist Tyler Crook, this new chapter is every bit as engaging and atmospheric as expected from this seasoned crew in this acclaimed world of fantastic horror. With a deliberately paced and intriguing script and outstanding visuals, this is another fantastic return to the world of Harrow County.

“Ten years have passed since Emmy left Harrow County. Since then, a lot has happened in town, but what happened to Emmy herself, and what adventures has she gone on since she forfeited her magical powers and left town with the Abandoned. In this epic and essential tale, find out where life has taken Emmy and what dangers lurk in the shadows waiting for in this story that takes place outside of Harrow County for the first time.”

Writing & Plot

At long last, readers are finally treated to the return of original Harrow County protagonist Emmy in Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1. Cullen Bunn sees this new chapter leaving the old town to come out to the big city, where Emmy is living a relatively peaceful, non-magil and haint-filled life. Of course, it doesn’t take long for that life – and some old friends – to catch up to her. Bunn’s script here, like in all of his Harrow work, is filled with varied, personable dialogue and top-notch narrative pacing. This issue is a prime example of a writer knowing how to use the comics medium, with many panels just receiving direction while the art does all the work. The result is a comic that feels like it knows exactly how much to keep shrouded in mystery, while giving just enough to string readers along for the ride. This new setting offers a perspective and potential threats that bring a welcome and interesting change to the Harrow County story – but Bunn’s work here is right on par with all of his excellent prior work in this series.

Art Direction

Harrow County’s long legacy of fantastic atmospheric visuals is continued by Emily Schnall in Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1. Schnall returns from the previous Tales series Fair Folk to bring her style to this new setting in the world of Harrow. As great as her work was in that prior book, her work seems to have somehow improved for this issue. Schnall again has the unenviable task of following up original series artist Tyler Crook, and she does so brilliantly. Her character designs and the way she composes pages after Bunn’s script is are reflective of that original work, but still noticeably different enough that we can see her style for what it is. Schnall’s character animations are charming and varied, making Emmy and the supporting cast as empathetic – or suspicious – as they have ever been. Her designs for some of the new creatures are arguably even creepier than any of Crook’s monsters, and this makes sense due to the setting. These aren’t the haints of Emmy’s hometown back in Harrow; these are the monsters lurking in the sewers and alleys of a major city. Schnall ties together her visuals with a watercolor style that perfectly continues the visual atmosphere of the original comic that was crafted by Tyler Crook. Speaking of Crook, he returns to letter this sequel series, just as he has all the prior ones. His letters here don’t quite have the opportunity yet to get as creative as he often does, but it’s still fantastic work. Lines waver and shift reflexively with the tone and foreshadowing in every scene, and his SFX letters are the perfect punctuation to every panel. Overall, Lost Ones is visually right on par with the highs of the original Harrow County.


Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1 is a stellar return to this world and to our original protagonist. Cullen Bunn pens a script that brings us to a new setting and brings us up to speed with Emmy while adding new mysteries and more old friends. The visuals from Emily Schnall are right on par with the greatness of the original comic while still letting her own style come through. Be sure to grab the start of this new chapter in the world of Harrow County when this issue hits shelves on May 11th!

Justin Munday
Justin Munday
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Intriguing and atmospheric as ever, Tales From Harrow County: Lost Ones #1 is a fine start to this new chapter in Bunn and Crook's acclaimed universe.Review: TALES FROM HARROW COUNTY: LOST ONES #1 - A Long Way From The Holler