Star Wars Adventures: Return To Vader’s Castle #3 is a bright and fascinating tale of Ventress, full of action and a few surprisingly comical moments.


The story continues in STAR WARDS ADVENTURES: RETURN TO VADER’S CASTLE #3. Out this Wednesday from IDW, it would seem that Vader’s Castle is both a source of fascination for the fans and characters – constantly churning out story after story.

Ventress is off on a hunting mission.


It would seem that nobody can stay away from the temptation that is Vader’s Castle. What is it that fascinates us about it? Okay, we know full well what it is. And it’s all thanks to the location and lore of this castle.

So it’s no surprise that once again a series has popped up revolving around Vader’s Castle, and that is has been appropriately named Return to Vader’s Castle. The series has quickly become a collection of short stories, all told by the few residents of Vader’s home.

In the first issue, we saw what Darth Maul had been up to since his…dramatic change in body shape and size. In the second issue, we saw how far Grand Moff Tarkin is willing to go to win. And now? Now we’re seeing a tale revolving around the one and only Ventress.

Thom Hudd isn’t having the best of days…

Star Wars Adventures: Return To Vader’s Castle #3 carries on the format introduced in the first two issues of the series. There is an overarching plot connecting everything, a prisoner and his tormentor, and their collective history. But it also contains a compact plot, telling the story from start to finish.

This issue tells the tale of Ventress and how she never gives up once she’s taken a job. Even if that means she won’t get paid in the end. It’s just the type of person she is. Ventress is a unique and iconic character – especially for fans of Rebels. So it was almost fun seeing her pop up once again.

It was also a good reminder for why you’re seriously better off not arguing with her. Just stick to the agreement, and nobody gets hurt. Probably. Maybe. We can hope, at least, right?

Cavan Scott once again returned to write this miniaturized story, and he had a bit of fun here. He pulled put a vindictive character into the same plot as an iconic creature in the Star Wars realm. But it was still surprising to see how it all panned out.

And of course, there’s the ever-growing curiosity about the main plot of the series. Specifically, about how Thom Hudd is planning on escaping Vanee’s torturous experiments, or Vader’s Castle, for that matter. We’d also like to know what his goal was in arriving here because from where we’re standing, it looks like a bit of a suicide mission.

Maybe muttering isn’t the best thing to do when trying to hide.

Star Wars Adventures: Return To Vader’s Castle #3 portrayed many iconic characters in an almost fun manner. Perhaps it’s just the colors and overall brightness that makes it feel that way. This style is perfect for a younger audience and is just begging for a cartoon version.

But while the artwork itself does have a lighter feel, let’s not forget that sometimes it is portraying something incredibly dark. Scenes such as the Ventress’ hunting spree, or the torturing of Thom Hudd. Or how about the unleashing of an unspeakable monster on an unsuspecting town. Somehow the artists managed to show us all of that, without ever getting overly graphic. It’s an impressive feat.

Francesco Francavilla and Nick Brokenshire were the artists behind these smart and dynamic scenes, with Andworld Design providing the lettering. And you’ve got to admit; together they’ve got style.

Back on Coruscant, there’s a monster on the loose. Well, a different sort of monster, that is.

Star Wars Adventures: Return To Vader’s Castle #3 lived up entirely to the hopes and expectations set by the first couple of issues. And it leaves us wondering what sort of tale they’ll be covering next. No matter what it is, there’s no doubt it’ll be an exciting story.

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Star Wars Adventures: Return To Vader’s Castle #3 is a bright and fascinating tale of Ventress, full of action and a few surprisingly comical moments. Review - STAR WARS ADVENTURES: RETURN TO VADER’S CASTLE #3