A fast-paced and intense chapter that entertains despite feeling like an extension of the prior issue.

Review: Southern Running & Gunning in KILL WHITEY DONOVAN #3

Sydney Duncan and Natalie Barahona’s Civil-War era revenge story “Kill Whitey Donovan” reaches its third chapter with more intriguing backstory and narrow escapes. Despite the stellar dialogue and page-turning pacing, it’s tough not to see this issue as merely ‘issue #2.5″ rather than issue #3. Regardless, its mysterious plot and brilliant visuals maintain this as a highly entertaining comic.

As the third chapter of this thrilling journey unfolds, more history between Hattie and Anna is revealed–but the answers provide little comfort. Meanwhile, in the present, Tyson draws ever closer, while the distance to Donovan feels farther away than ever.

Writing & Plot

Sydney’s Duncan‘s script on “Kill Whitey Donovan” #3 once again walks the line between carefully constructed character drama and fast-paced action. She continually generates intrigue with the pieces of the backstory behind Anna and Hattie’s relationship in every issue. This issue focuses more on Anna and the fall of her “Southern-Belle” lifestyle at the hands of Donovan. The flashbacks are expertly presented and are full of mystery, making them stellar companion pieces to the frenetic action going on in the present plot. Duncan knows how to build menace from antagonistic characters, making the tension from page to page palpable. She also remains aware of how to let the art do the storytelling, as there are plenty of panels with no dialogue whatsoever.

If there’s a minor nitpick to be had with this issue, it’s that this doesn’t feel like a fully fleshed-out single issue, but rather an extension of the prior chapter. This sounds a bit absurd given that it is a continuous story, but the chain of events and ending just seem incomplete. The events here could have been rearranged (say the early stages had in issue #2 and the last page be an opener for #4) to make for a more even story. Regardless this is still a highly entertaining issue, even if it doesn’t feel as complete as its predecessors.

Art Direction

Natalie Barahona‘s gloomy yet elegant and detailed art reigns supreme yet again in “Kill Whitey Donovan” #3. While most of her art has been set in the dark woods and stormy humid Southern nights, she gets to flex her talents here in a ballroom scene. Once again her character details are spectacularly good, with a massive range of styles and expressions for characters both main and extra. The aesthetic remains menacing and dark, but there’s still the unique polish to the art as it glows under firelight or moonlight. The script allows Barahona to demonstrate her skill in crafting action sequences as well, allowing the art to tell just as much of the story as the dialogue does.

“Kill Whitey Donovan” #3 is a brisk and intense middle chapter in Sydney Duncan and Natalie Barahona’s mini-series. While it may come across as a bit too brisk, it still manages to engage the reader with a compelling backstory and fantastic artwork. “Kill Whitey Donovan” still proves to be a damn good read from month to month.

Justin Munday
Justin Munday
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Review: Southern Running & Gunning in KILL WHITEY DONOVAN #3A fast-paced and intense chapter that entertains despite feeling like an extension of the prior issue.